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Start Select Reset Zine (SSRZ) is an occasional zine published by Jay Springett. It is an experiment in the world of samizdat publishing. A zeitgeist popular in the Dark Forest Internets.

Issue #1 ‘Your attention is sovereign’  contains a collection of transcripts from his podcast Permanently Moved on the attention economy, social media, and device use. Topics that emerged as a recurring thread during the making of the show so far.

Future Issues will include original/new texts alongside show transcriptions on or related to the theme of the issue.

The newest issues can always be found at the links below. Archived issues will be saved here. 

Zine Archive

#SSR001 – Your Attention Is Sovereign 

About Author

Jay Springett is a Solarpunk, Theorist and Strategist for hybrid environments. His concerns are with culture, humans and technology and the environment. He is currently writing his first public book: Land as Platform.