Hi πŸ‘‹ I’m Jay Springett

Writer, Podcaster, and Strategist

Welcome to my homepage on the World Wide Web !

I work with worlds, my primary thesis: All techno-social systems should be seen through the lens of worlds

I’m currently writing my first non fiction book: The Web Was a Side Quest β€” an exploration of worlds and their histories

My essay collection on world running can be found at worldrunning.guide

Since 2018 I’ve been making Permanently Moved. A weekly personal podcast 301 second long that condenses complex ideas into digestible bites

As an early voice in the Solarpunk movement, I’m committed to envisioning and guiding us towards sustainable, regenerative futures

My new interview show on creativity and aphantasia Experience.Computer is launching soon

Permanently Moved πŸ”Š

Permanently Moved is an iTunes Top 100 personal journal podcast. 301 seconds in length; written, recorded and edited by @thejaymo

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Weeknotes πŸ—“οΈ

Casual in tone, my ‘Weeknotes’ has been a staple on the blog since 2018. If you’re intrigued by my work and curious about my influences, consider it your personal weekly dispatch from my world.

  • Boltgun


    In comparison to recent weeks things have been slower over here at thejaymo.net. I’ve even found some time to start playing a…

  • A Machine-Made Mirror

    A Machine-Made Mirror

    Until the other day I hadn’t come across any obvious LLM written media. To have the first one I encounter *BE ABOUT…

  • Timeshift


    It’s super early on Monday morning. I’m using the ‘Timeshifter App’ for the first time as I’m leaving for the Autonomous Worlds…

World Running 🌐

A speculative essay collection and research project about worlding worlds, and running them

Dimensino Post Category

Dimensino πŸ‘Ύ

An ongoing webscrapbook exploring development of the crypto / Web3 ecosystem and its relationship to coming β€˜Metaverse’

Solarpunk: Life In the Future Beyond the Rusted Chrome of Yestermorrow

Slides and speaker notes for my Solarpunk keynote given at Unsound Festival (2019)

Solarpunk is a collective β€˜Memetic Engine’. A cultural construct, a tool to power and provides the β€˜re-futuring’ that our collective imagination needs

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I’ve been blogging since 2010, web-logs are the best of all social medias.
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