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Dimensino an ongoing webscrapbook. Exploring the emerging Dweb (Web3) ecosystem, the #supportnet, and the coming β€˜Metaverse’.

Thinking In Public, I’ll be posting about: Cyberplaces, AR/VR, Identity, Corporations, Brands, IP, Storyworlds, Interdependence, Vinfluencers, Virtual Worlds + more. For immediate feedback and development.

Some ideas and threads I lay down will be developed elsewhere. Others may be cut and left as frayed at the edges of my thinking. Some posts may here be essays, others might be commentary, or just quick notes. I’m not sure yet.

If you are in a related space and would like me to puzzle these topics though for you, please reach out.

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At some point I may figure out how to plug in an email service to wordpress. If there is an appetite for a dedicated newsletter. I may do that.

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Discord Dweb Cover

Discord, DAOs and the Dweb

This post proposes three areas Discord and Dweb Developers should explore in 2021. Web3 Logins, Multisig Wallets, Discord DAO's.

by December 23, 2020
Early Access Artists - Cover

Early Access Artists

Early Access Artists are emboldened by Web3 technologies. Their artistic practice will look very different from existing models present today.

by December 8, 2020
Vtuber Escalation

Synthespian Escalation

Due to converging technology & software, 2020 was a breakout year for the VTuber. What can we learn about the future of…

by December 2, 2020


Exploring the potential for community owned/governed story worlds by splitting the difference between β€˜Internet Protocol vs Intellectual Property’.

by November 19, 2020