Keep in Touch

Here’s how I prefer to keep in touch, and why:

  • My favourite way to make initial contact is via email.
    Reach me via the contact form below.
  • I prefer to write on my own blog and consume online writing via rss.
  • I do still use Twitter, but try to minimise my time there for the sake of my mental health.
    My DMs are open – but I may not reply straight away.
  • I have been a Tumblr user since 2008.
    I post there most days.
  • LinkedIn is the worst of all websites.
    Please do not try to contact me there – ever.
  • I do not have a Facebook account.
  • Read about how I use the web, and where you can follow me here.

This is a Hello page inspired by Alastair Johnston. If you have your own site why not create one.


Feel free to reach out to me about anything*!

*If you are contacting me about working together in a professional capacity, please include a link to your project or website!

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