Here’s how I prefer to keep in touch, and why:

  • My favourite way to make initial contact is via email.
    (Reach me via the contact form below.)
  • I prefer to write on my own blog and read others writing via rss, rather than use social networks.
  • I do use Twitter, but try to minimise my time there for the sake of my mental health. But do use it to stay in touch with friends and make contact with like minded people. DMs are open – but I may not reply straight away.
  • I have been a Tumblr user since 2008. I post there most days.
  • LinkedIn is the worst of all websites. Please do not try to contact me there – ever.
  • I do not have a Facebook account.


Feel free to reach out to me about anything*!

*If you are contacting me about working together in a professional capacity, please include a link to your project or website!