WorldsΒ are everywhere, and they are the future.

World building, virtual worlds, entertainment worlds, media franchises, corporate worlds, theme park design, XR/VR, volumes, escape rooms, tabletop games, undirected play, hybrid/mixed reality storytelling, and much much more.

On the horizon there is a new discipline emerging: World Running.

β€˜World Runner’ was first coined in 2020 as portmanteau of worldbuilder + showrunner. I belive it’s a term that will come to encompass so much more.

Cohesive worlds are hybrid environments made up of the people, places, and technologies that create them. Running worlds, is now what I’d like to do professionally, full time.

Hearing the term Worldrunning for the first time was like being stuck by lightning. Wording worlds, and figuring out how to run them is literally what I’ve been doing doing with my life.

One day I want to write a book live on livestream at In the mean time my thoughts, writing and observations on the subject are below.

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