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I don’t belive in gated content. Supporting me at any level will allow me to make and do more. Then share it for free on the internet.
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I think the future for independent creators on the web are vertices of one. Third party services like Patreon were the final successful innovation of web 2.0. But the financial technological stack has come along way since the service launched and in 2020 I think it’s more important than ever to operate and control your own income stack. Right now I am using WordPress services, but plan to migrate away when a better solution arrises.

If you regularly enjoy my writing or podcasts, please consider one of the options below.

Every new supporter means I can shift my life priorities away from freelance work. I know full well how I value my time, as well as how valuable your attention is to you. Thanks for the attention thus far, feel free to atone for that below.


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Things I’d Like To Do

Below is a list of things I’d like to do with your support in the short and medium term.

 Upgrade my podcast hosting plan from 50 to 250 MB ($15/mo).
• Move the blog off shared hosting to a more robust dedicated server. I have … plans for things around here. Like selling stuff. ($16.95/mo)
• Multi Episodes of 411 with music and sound effects telling an epic dream tale. (In Progress)
• Begin a series of blogchains: First topic: The Coming Metaverse (In Progress)
• Mini podcast series: Dedicated to table top war games and the people that make and play them.
• Mini podcast series: Life and work of Enya audio documentary.
• Start a book review show called 102 Permanently Moved.
• Release multiple long form essays here on the blog with audio readings released on the Permanently Moved feed.
• Move to Patreon like WordPress plugin that will allow me to build a community and better support the funders of this website.
• Branch Out into Video I’d like to start a web show.
• I want to make some shadow puppets…. and start a dinner theatre project/group.

If an item is struck though it means it was done with your support!


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(Beer Prices pegged to the price of a pint of Solaris in my local pub from Bigsmoke Brew Co)

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