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Like most people, I juggle blogging and podcasting around freelance projects and other commitments. Each new subscriber (like you!) allows me more headspace space and time to focus on the ‘work’. You inch me ever so closer to doing this full time.

Third party services like Patreon and Substack were the last successful innovation of Web 2.0. But they are also closed ecosystems. In 2023 with everything that’s going on with social media, I think it’s more important than ever to operate and control your own financial income stack. So thats why I don’t have a presence on any of those ‘creator monetisation’ platforms.

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Things I’d Like To Do

In addition to making my weekly personal podcast Permanently Moved, I am currently working on a new interview show called Experience.Computer. It’s an ambitious project that is quite time consuming!

I’d like to do longer and more ambitious things. 20k words long essays, ‘proper’ radio. Ideally I’d like to spend double the amount of time on 301 weekly but as it stands, that would be financial suicide.

Below is a list of things that with our support I’d like to do next.

In Progress & Completed
Thanks To You!

  • Write a book in public on the subject of ‘World Running
  • A blog series on the technical and physical elements of the coming Metaverse
  • Upgrade my podcast hosting plan from 50 to 250 MB ($15/mo).
  • Move the blog off shared hosting to a more robust dedicated server. I have … plans for things around here. Like selling stuff. ($16.95/mo)
  • Buy a new camera
  • Branch Out into Video I’d like to start a web show. Come Internet With Me
  • Start a video version of the podcast

Short Term

  • 5 more in total, and I’ll move to an online payment gateway and use my own subscription infrastructure. This will allow me to build a community and set up a shop and better support the funders of my work.
  • 1 more Β£100/yr subscriber needed to justify purchasing a laser printer
  • 5 more subscribers and I’ll set up a telegram channel?
  • 10 more subscribers a month and I’ll make my first Youtube essay / video about SoloRPG journaling games .
  • 20 more subscribers and I’ll focus on creating one long form podcast each season.
  • Make a game!

Long Term

  • Set up shop infrastructure to sell zines and other self published material
  • Produce more long form essays on the blog with audio readings released as 411 episode.
  • Produce real-time virtual production infrastructure for my shadow puppets.
  • Use the same tools to start making long form youtube essays evolving from 411.
  • 5 episode long podcast series: on subjects like Life and work of Enya, Crohn’s Disease, My Grandad, Punk Rock in Margate.
  • Dream Goal: A podcast series dedicated to table top war games and the people that play them.


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