My association with Solarpunk began on the mailing list that organised weirdshitcon 2012.

Shortly after, Adam Flynn began posting to and published the essay: ‘On the Need for New Futures‘. Laying the foundational questions Solarpunk continues to explore.

I later joined as a co-admin in 2014 and have (along side many others) been an articulate voice and steward of the Solarpunk community ever since.

This page collects various writing, interviews and talks I have given about Solarpunk over the years.

If you are looking to contact me about Solarpunk, or my involvement in movement’s early years you can do so here.

Solarpunk Essays


A Container for More Fertile Futures

Solarpunk Magazine 2022:

There is no one fixed future, given the choice between ‘the only solution’ and ‘possible options,’ solarpunk will always choose the latter.

Solarpunk A Container for more fertile futures, essay by jay springett

DIY Punk, Cultural Fracking, The Chrome Of Yestermorrow, Cyberpunk, Solarpunk, Visions of the Future and the Anthropogreen at Unsound 2019


A Grand Dress Rehearsal

A brief history of Solarpunk, Cyberpunk and Visions of the Future, Narrative Stategies and Strategic Narratives

Transcribed by Open Transcripts


A Reference Guide

Link repository compiled by me collating important contributions to Solarpunk movement up to 2018.

Press is a blog dedicated to the emerging subgenre of science fiction premised on the separation of economies from fossil fuels.

Solarpunk explores what free energy sources and decentralised energy infrastructure could mean for future society. A movement that seeks to answer and embody the question “what does a sustainable civilisation look like, and how can we get there?”

I have described Solarpunk as a memetic engine – a tool to power the ‘re-futuring’ of our collective imagination.

My Solarpunk short story ‘In The Storm, A Fire’ was long listed for the BSFA Award for Short Fiction.

Since 2012 the tag line of has been “At once a vision of the future, a thoughtful provocation, and an achievable lifestyle .. in progress”


(In Print)

📚 In The Storm, A Fire

(w/Andrew Dana Hudson)

And Lately, The Sun | Calyx Press (UKUS)
Lo Stato Solare | Future Fiction (IT)


(In Print)

📚 Solarpunk: A Container for More Fertile Futures – Solarpunk Magazine #1 | Android Press (EN)

📚 The Vibe Dislocates the Present to Re-Future the Future – Regeneracija [ir jos įtampos] | Architektūros Fondas (LT) [Now available as free pdf!]

📚 Introduction – Solarpunk: Dalla Disperazione Alla Strategia | Future Fiction (IT)

Podcasts + Interviews

The Stoa

Occulture Pod

Unsee the Future | Podcast

Talks With Jesse Nickell the Fourth

_(Un)Sustainable Perspectives | Patchlab 2022

Interdependence FM

Branch Magazine Symposium | Ars Electronica 21

The Future Is A Vibe | Intonal 21

Musicville – New European Opera 2023


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