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Episode Summary

Back with a conversation with a special person and close friend of the podcast Jay Springett

Jay is a writer, theorist and podcaster who falls into a special category of people where we can say with some confidence that whatever they are thinking about will be commonplace in a few years. We discuss a passion of his, Solarpunk, cultural fracking, universe construction, permaculture, Russia’s real jurassic park, K pop and the factory model, reality modelling and aerospace, conspiracy theories and much more.

Can’t recommend enough that you check out Jay’s various cultural contributions, and hope you are all having a wonderful week.

Just a quick note to say that I was a guest on Holly Hendon and Mat Dryhurst’s excellent podcast this week. The first free 1h 16m are embed above. If you want the full fat interview and access to all the other uncut interviews with some amazing guests better than me you can subscribe to their Patreon.

Both of them are such generous hosts, it was an honour to chat to some friends and be on the show!

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