Permanently Moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length; written, recorded and edited by @thejaymo

Produced weekly since 2018, Jay Springett’s Permanently Moved podcast has become a fixture in iTunes top 100 rankings around the world. Any given episode might explore an aspect of the Internet and how it changes us, or stories about long dead saints and why they matter, to the existence of a wild crisp conspiracy in the heart of UK supermarkets.

Tightly scripted, yet nakedly transparent about the creative process – Permanently Moved is a web series in love with the potential that others have to share their passions, as much as it is with its own.

A 301 second long show about the Internet, A how-to-DIY journal, a 21st century Why Don’t You for adults.


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Permanently Moved Itunes Top 50 Podcast

In January 2020 Permanently Moved broke into the iTunes UK Top 50 Personal Journal podcasts chart. Just 43 places behind 301’s bΓͺte noire Desert Island Discs!

It has subsequently charted Top 50 in countries such as: Brazil, South Africa, and Sweden. In January of 2023 Permanently Moved ranked #1 in Personal Journals in Iceland!

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