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In the boundless ocean of the social seas, where ides and winds whip fleeting trends, the Artist must make sanctuary.

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

Tend Soil

In the boundless ocean of the social seas, where algorithms govern the ebb and flow of tides and winds whip fleeting trends, the Artist must make sanctuary. They must find their little Isle. A domain that’s solid against turbulent seas.

This sanctuary is more than just a coded plot or IP address amidst countless others. It is sacred ground. To merely claim this refuge as one’s own is not sufficient; akin to whispering into the wind. The Artist must create a stronghold of authenticity, a place immune to the constant fluctuations of digital popularity and influence.

Before the Artist can lay the first stone or plant the first seed in their garden, or write the first line of their diary, they must engage in a ritual as old as creativity itself: they must first – Tend Soil. This soil is not just physical terrain; it’s the preparatory work that creates the landscape of imagination. Makes it fertile where future work will take root. It is the tableau upon which dreams are sketched, the medium that accepts seeds willingly and provides them nourishment.

The initial act of tending is a foundational one. To tend, is to attend. In the digital realm where screens can become stages, canvases, and even windows to new worlds, the Artist requires a solid, secure platform from which to work. The soil of the Artist’s sanctuary is more than a backdrop; it’s the structural underpinning for all that comes next.

To cultivate this domainβ€”to bring in nutrients, water, and elements of inspirationβ€”is an act of sovereignty. Treat this soil as a partner. The Artist also stakes their claim not just upon the surface of their island, but to the data that flows from it. Assert ownership, not only of the ground itself but of the data that populates it.

Every brush stroke, every written word, and every fragment of artistic endeavour are the Artists by right. Here, in this sanctuary, love is not only the law; it’s the cornerstone of their creative constitution. By asserting this dominion, the Artist makes an explicit contract with themselves, setting the terms under which their creativity will flourish, free from outside interference.

There will come a time when the Artist must venture away from shore. Sailing through archipelagos of third-party platforms where the allure of exposure beckons like a siren’s call. When this journey becomes inevitable, let the Artist only seek harbours that share their ethos, and resonate with their creative ideals. The choice of platformβ€”whether the sleek technocratic islands of Squarespace or the sprawling open isles of WordPressβ€”is more than a logistical decision; it’s a choice steeped in ethical considerations. Seek platforms that are kindred spirits.

If the soil serves as the canvas, then the software and protocols employed by the Artist are the tools of the craft! When the options are laid before you, opt for tools (where possible) forged by the hands of open-source communities and delivered by open protocols. In making these choices, the Artist reinforces a cycle of creative empowerment, making their island not just sanctuary, but a beacon for like-minded souls.

Each creation, whether shared or kept in private chambers, polished or still rough-hewn, is a treasure.They demand safeguarding.

Remember, even the most idyllic islands can be struck by storms or overtaken by unexpected tides. Let the cautionary tale of myspace the isle that vanished without a trace serve as a constant reminder.

Back up your treasures, both digitally and in tangible forms. Keep duplicates. The axiom “One is none, two is one” holds true.

Archive not just final products, but also drafts. The sketches, the incomplete thoughts. They are fragments of your journey, stepping stones along the path. Your records are both your history and your map. The annals of your artistry will serve future versions of yourself, guiding you when you explore new places and face uncharted challenges.

Let us not forget, even amidst all these preparations and precautions, storms may arise, tides may turn, and you might return from bad weather to an island lost to the vagaries of time. Yet, let this possibility not deter but fortify. The ability to rebuild, to begin anew, is a testament to the resilient spirit of the Artist. The soil is always alive. It is an invitation to not only reconstruct but to reimagine, to evolve and transform. Make each loss as a prologue to rebirth.Β 

Your sanctuary, your own domain is a statement, a perspective, a declaration. It’s where your creativity lives, breathes, and, most importantly, continues to grow.


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