Feeling In My Bones

Not sure how things will be different, or how often i’m going to post, just that I’ll be posting more.


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Two posts. Podcast and my Weeknotes this evening. I’m not going to apologise as I have a feeling in my bones that things are going to get busier and even noisier around here. After my week away, and barely touching social media since I got back I think I’m going to give it up entirely and use this blog as my only ‘publishing’ outlet.

Not sure how things will be different, or how often i’m going to post, just that I’ll be posting more. Shorter things, links with commentary etc. I want to just fully sink in to the rhythm of classic blogging. Lets see how it goes.

In addition to having quite a busy week, 3 talks! 1 workshop and a bunch of catching up on correspondence (I actually like email).

I had my B12 injection on Monday, I have to have one every 3 months due to my Pernicious Anemia. When I was on holiday I thought I was really unfit as I felt a bit breathless after swimming. But no, it turns out I just needed my B12 injection as I didn’t have enough red blood cells. I am always bursting with energy for about 6 weeks after the jab so I’m going to try and make the most of it.

On Friday we went round to a friends house for birthday drinks which also coincided with her visa celebration. She’s back in the UK after some really lengthy and stupid entanglements with borderforce. Always get your passport stamped folks! Even if you have right to remain!

Then, Saturday, we met some of Eves family for drinks and sat in a pub right by the Thames all afternoon. It really did feel like the last day of summer. So good.

Hope you all have a great week.

Permanently Moved

In the boundless ocean of the social seas, where ides and winds whip fleeting trends, the Artist must make sanctuary.

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

Photo 365

photo-a-day 110/365

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

What a busy first week back.

  • Talk to participants of EU community Opera project MusicVille
  • Taught a Solar Punk Design seminar at U Michigan on zoom
  • 2 hour call with Gordon and Ivy as part of an ongoing Runesoup members course.
  • Workshop on worlds
  • Organising and goal setting 0_o

Terminal Access

Jay Owens’ book is out!! Dust: The Modern World in a Trillion Particles.

Dust: The Modern World in a Trillion Particles tells the gripping story of how the relentless drive for profit and power has turned the world to powder. Combining history and science, travel and nature writing, Owens shows how the modern world was made through environmental devastation – and then brushed the consequences under the carpet. From particle air pollution and nuclear fallout to desertification, dried-up seas and melting glaciers, we’ve profoundly altered the planet we live on. The cost to human health – and to the natural world – proves immense.

From the California desert and the Dust Bowl in Oklahoma to the desiccated remains of the Aral Sea and the edge of the Greenland ice sheet, we are shown that some of the planet’s most remote and forgotten places are central to the modern world. With clarity and insight, Dust: The Modern World in a Trillion Particles helps us understand our legacy and discovers the big ideas found within the smallest particles.

The launch party was whilst I was on holiday so I have yet to congratulate her in person.

Dipping the Stacks

How To Be a Disciplined Person [Science-Based Guide] – Durmonski.com

What makes a disciplined person?
In short, developing discipline means doing the things you said you are going to do despite resistance and temptations.

How Musicians Invented the Law – by Ted Gioia

If your goal is stability, music is far superior to written law. If you doubt it, test it yourself. Launch a petition, and see if it’s simpler to amend a statute on the books or update the words to the β€œStar Spangled Banner” or even β€œAmerican Pie” or some other banal pop hit. You could hire all the lobbyists in Washington and never change a word in those familiar and beloved song lyrics.

A Different Way to Think About Screentime

When I heard that my friend Phil Maciak was writing a book about screentime (Avidly Reads: Screentime) my immediate reaction was relief. Screentime conversations are so often shot through with anxiety over things that have little do with the screens themselves and much more to do with general changes in the way we access information, parent, conceive of distraction, and even conceive of our own brains and how they work.

My Mother’s Clocks: On Losing Time with Dementia β€Ή Literary Hub

I measure the last few years by watching my mother’s clocks deteriorate. I know nothing about what the pace of their deterioration meansβ€”but I know enough to understand that even on days when she could draw a clock, we are well past the stage of hope.

Let AI Steal Your Ideas

These questions transcend the specific issue at hand. They touch on the broader relationship between human creativity and AI and of how ideas are produced, valued, and shared.


The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Alan W. Watts

Ages ago JDO mentioned this to me, or maybe to someone else on Agitator pod. I dunno, I listen to hours of him talking on podcast every week, and we speak on Signal, and Zoom occasionally so I get confused. Anyways, thats not important. The omporatn thing is that I realised I’d never read Watts’ The Book. I’m really glad I’ve corrected it – this book summarises all 10 Million hours of his lectures in 163 pages. Specifically Vedanta. It’s typically idiocencratic but its also very good.


I started reading Here Be Monsters by Rhyd Wildermuth. Only 30% of the way though right now. Review to come.



I always check in on the Top 10 charts around the world. This week I see that duo YAOSOBI are still at #1 with their pop banger IDOL.

I really want/need to write about YAOSOBI sometime. Super interesting musical project.

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