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Nov – Chain Games & @Blockhack #31 – London



Sep – General Seminar #9 – Synthetic Media/Synthetic Brands@NearfuturelabWorldwide (remote)
Sep – Branch Magazine Symposium: Solarpunk and Other Worlds (Panel Discussion) – @Ars Electronica – Austria (remote)
Sep – WHAT PUNK ARE YOU? Past, Present and Future Trends in Anti-capitalists Science Fiction (Panel Discussion) – @Futurecon 21 – Worldwide (remote)
Aug – Land as Platform @Agri_Culture_Camp – Cornwall, UK (Unable to attend)
Solarpunk: A Narrative Strategy for a Broken Present, a Memetic Engine for a Better WorldThe Stoa – Online
JunThe Future Is a Vibe – @Intonal Festival – Malmo, Sweden (remote)
May – Solarpunk? (for @Imagination Exchange Barbican – London, UK
Apr – Eurocon Presents: Solarpunk (Panel Discussion) – @LuxCon 2021 – Luxenburg (remote)
Feb – After Coivd? The Speculative Present – @Inovation Garden #2 – Japan (remote)


Mar – Prayer, Meditation, and Ancestors (Paywalled) – @The Tea Room – #RSPM Webchat
Mar β€“ Food Forest Of Souls (Paywalled) @Treadwells Bookshop – London


Oct  β€“ Interspecies Solidarity (Panel Discusion) @Unsound Festival β€“ Krakow
Oct β€“ Solarpunk: Life in the future beyond the rusted chrome of yestermorrow @Unsound Festival β€“ Krakow
Aug β€“ Location, Notation, Vocation. IOT Agents in Infrastructure Space @Blockhack #15 – London
Jul β€“ New Internet (Panel Discusion) @Sonar-D β€“ Barcelona
Jun β€“ Solarpunk And The Great Unfolding: Building Keystones Of Continuity @Border Sessions β€“ The Hague


Oct β€“ Beyond Cyberpunk (Panel Discussion) @Unsound Festival β€“ Krakow
Oct β€“ Public Discourse in the Age of Conspiratainment @Unsound Festival β€“ Krakow
Sep β€“ Solarpunk – Tolhuistuin Festival @Tolhuistuin – Amsterdam
Sep β€“ Land As Platform – Coded Matter(s) #15 @Fiber Festival β€“ Amsterdam
Sep β€“ Realty Hacking – New Frontiers World Building BA @Brakke Grond | Vlaams Cultuurhuis – Amsterdam
Aug β€“ Solarpunk as Civic Imaginary @Citizen Sci-Fi Alliance – London
Jul β€“ New Age of Cults @Acclerate Working Group #3 (#AWG3) – London
Jun β€“ Owning Digital Stuff Is Going to Get Weird @Blockhack #4 – London
May β€“ Solarpunk : A Grand Dress Rehearsal β€“ Terra Fiction @Het Nieuwe Instituut β€“ Rotterdam
May β€“ Deep Sensing  – 2p2 Web Berlin @Trust  -Berlin


May β€“ Squarial @Debcon (Airstrip One) – London


Jun β€“ Panel Respondent – Staying With The Trouble @The White Building – London
Jan β€“ #Stacktivism Mobilising Infrastructure Space Workshop @Transmediale – HKW Berlin


Oct β€“ Dissembling Stacktivism – (Dis)Assembling #stacktivism @ Goethe Institut – London
Apr β€“ Colonising the Clouds  @Theorizing the Web (#TTW14) – NYC


Aug β€“ Not Dying (The Means Of) @CRESC Annual Conference – UCL London
Jul β€“ Seeing The Stack –  #Stacktivism Unconference @Thought Menu #7 – London
May β€“ New Luddism – Immaterial Labour Isn’t Working @Autoitalia – London
Feb  β€“ Viewer Discretion Cannot Be Advised – PKLZBYOB @Limazulu London


Jul β€“ More Amps Less Angst – Thought Menu #2 – @Limazulu London