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I was on a panel at Futurecon 2021 on Saturday.

We had a really interesting conversation. I enjoyed the concept of local fiction from Pepe and Smait. Proposing ‘Borderpunk’ and ‘Visapunk’ respectively. Of course we talked about Solarpunk, Cyberpunk, our issues with ‘Hopepunk’. The possible role for sci-fi, punk etc in politics. Also aesthetics vs praxis.

Great chat, I had a wonderful time!

‘WHAT PUNK ARE YOU? Past, Present and Future Trends in Anti-capitalists Science Fiction’

SATURDAY 4th SEPTEMBER | 4th Panel 15h in Santiago | 21h in Rome | 23h in Dubai | 3h+ in Beijing

WHAT PUNK ARE YOU? Past, Present and Future Trends in Anti-capitalists Science Fiction

FΓ‘bio Fernandes (Brazil, host)
Jay Springett (UK)
Nicoletta Vallorani (Italy)
Pepe Rojo (Mexico)
Samit Basu (India)

Futurecon is now in its second year, and fast becoming an extremely important online convention in the global Science Fiction calendar. Its founders and organisers are committed to bringing together and raising up voices from outside the anglosphere. Building bridges and encouraging the formation of new communities.

This year we want to engage with even more native innovators and storytellers that make Science Fiction happen and flourish in their own language and markets. We want to build the tools that will reshape our own imagination, set up creative networks, and make room for independent voices, crafting publishing alternatives and self-sustainable connections to “decolonize the future.”

This is important work. As I said at the end of my panel, I really appreciated/thanked the participants for speaking English with me!

I caught a number of panels over the weekend and can’t wait to find the time to catch up on the others. Thanks to Franceso from www.futurefiction.org for the invite.

Future Fiction has published my writing in Italian/Translation.

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