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Hi πŸ‘‹ I’m Jay Springett

This is where I live on the Internet 

I’m a writer, podcaster, and strategist.

I am working to develop and define the emerging discipline of world running.

I have expertise in the design + management of techno-social systems, web3, and world building. I am currently interested in creation of hybrid environments, governance & coordination mechanisms, permissive IPs, power fandoms, and the ‘worlds‘ the produce together.

Since 2018 I have been the host of

Permanently Moved

A personal podcast, 301 seconds in length

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I have been involved with the speculative genre of Solarpunk since its early origins

And have been an admin on since 2014.

I play bass guitar in a ‘slow & sad’ country band called Forest Bed

We have been described variously as ‘celtic cowboy’ music and making tunes for ‘the comedown after the hoedown’.

In a former life I was a concert grade flautist + piccolo player.

EP coming soon!

Jay Springett's band Forest Bed
Jay Springett speaking at fiber festival

I speak regularly at conferences and events around the world

I’ve spoken about technology, the future, and regenerative cultures at events such as: Sonar+D (ES), Unsound Festival (PL), Fiber Festival (NL), Theorising the Web (US), and Transmediale (DE).

Currently & Recently


I also make a zine called Start Select Reset

SSRZ is single sheet of A4 sent via snail mail to paid supporters of 4 times a year.

If you would like one, subscribe.


You can contact me about working together (or for any reason really) – here

You can read about how I use the web, and where you can follow me – here

If you’re so inclined, subscribe and support my public work – here

No, I will not send you my rΓ©sumΓ©.

Here’s a more formal bio I send to conferences, events, etc


Jay Springett is a consultant strategist and writer. He works with individuals and organisations to create cohesive worlds. Hybrid environments that create a culture via the interaction of people, place, and technologies.

He is recognised as an articulate voice in the emerging speculative genre of Solarpunk. A movement that seeks to answer and embody the question β€œwhat does a sustainable civilisation look like, and how can we get there?”

He has described Solarpunk as a memetic engine – a tool to power the β€˜refuturing’ of our collective imagination. His Solarpunk short story ‘In The Storm, A Fire’ was long listed for the BSFA Award for Short Fiction and Chanticleer International Book Awards Short Story Award Semifinalist.

In 2019 Jay Springett was selected as one of WeAreEurope’s 64 Faces of Europe. He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts. He co-founded the decentralised creative exchange and is a member of the Global Regeneration CoLab.

Jay is currently an instructor at The New Centre.

Jay speaks regularly about the future, technology and regenerative culture at events such as Unsound Festival (PL), Sonar+D (ES), Fiber Festival (NL), Theorising the Web (US), and Transmediale (DE).

He describes himself as an artist without art, and has been writing online under the handle @thejaymo since 2001.

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