Long Reads

Some of the longer essays/posts on my blog that have proved popular

Solarpunk Rusted Chrome Cover
Life in the Future Beyond the Rusted Chrome of Yestermorrow

Transcript Unsound 2019:

DIY Punk, Cultural Fracking, The Chrome Of Yestermorrow, Cyberpunk, Solarpunk, Visions of the Future and the Anthropogreen at Unsound 2019


Synthespian Escalation
2020: The VTuber Breakout

Due to converging trends in technology & software, 2020 was a breakout year for the VTuber.
What can we learn about from them about the future of entertainment?


Craving Canon
Cultural Fracking, Fandom, Narrative, and Other Problems With Story Worlds in 2020

The need for ‘Canon’ in stories arises from lack of agency fans have over their story worlds.



When UK’s First Lockdown started I started writing about all the things that are important to me.

How I was thinking and feeling about the world. Some of what I wrote between March and May ended up here.


Tales Of The Next Internet
Deep Time, Somatic Software And The Coming Enmeshment

Transcript Sonar+D 2019:

Talk, Video & Transcript of my Tales of the Next Internet talk @ Sonar+D Barcelona 2019


A Grand Dress Rehersal

Transcript Terraforming Earth:

A brief history of Solarpunk, Cyberpunk and Visions of the Future, Narrative Stategies and Strategic Narratives

Transcribed by Open Transcripts
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Deep Sensing
Deep sensor networks on landscape

Transcript P2P Web Berlin:

Regenerative Landscape Design Patterns, the End of General Purpose Computing, The need for spatial awareness in Mesh Network Protocols.

Transcribed by Open Transcripts
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Seeing through the debris cover
Seeing Through The Debris
Towards A Bootstrapped Postmodern Hermeneutics

Long read on the Breakaway Civilisation, The value of conspiracy theories, the SR 71 Blackbird and The Futures Cone.

There is a big difference between the β€˜possibility’ of, and the β€˜actual believing’.


Colonising the clouds cover
Colonising The Clouds
Infrastructure Territory, and The Geopolitics of The Stacks

Slides and Notes from a presentation on Stacktivism, Infrastructure Territory, and The Geopolitics of The Stacks given at Theorising the Web #TTW14 NYC April 2014.


Coming Asperity Cover
The Coming Asperity
A Definition & Some Speculation

Asperity policies are often used by governments to try to reduce the emissions of a defined population, system or activity to fight climate change.


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