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And Lately, The Sun: OUT NOW!

Bushland is burning. The Arctic is shedding ice. And around the world, people are imagining futures which function. 

Gritty, graceful, commonsense or whimsical, these twenty tales probe at how we could build a working world using the resources available to us – the natural, the social, the political, and the technological.

I’m excited to share that my Solarpunk clifi story with Andrew Dana Hudson ‘In the Storm, A Fire‘. A tense thriller in a near future America with fascist characteristics is out now. In the anthology ‘And Lately, The Sun: Speculative fictions for a climate-thrashed world‘.

You can buy the anthology on kindle or smashwords:

US STORE: And Lately, The Sun
UK STORE: And Lately, The Sun

Smashwords Store

Adam Rothstein once told me that you get to call yourself a writer once you’ve received your first rejection. Under his definition, I’ve been a fiction writer for a while.

But this is my first published fiction. I’m really thrilled that it’s included alongside so many other great writers who I admire.

And Lately, The Sun

Some of these stories invite readers to bask in the warmth of a bright tomorrow, from tree dwellings in India, to restoration projects in Milano, to rewilded suburbs in the East of Australia. Other stories burn with spirit in the face of adversity: smallholders in Botswana adjust to international treaties; gamers tackle reality using virtual tools. And there are shadows, too, in tech suburbs where you can buy eco-cigarettes, or on tree plantations where family members won’t toe the line.

And Lately, The Sun includes the work of both award-winning and emerging authors. Stories by Vrinda Baliga, Dabilo M. Mokobi, Eileen Haley, Illimani Ferreira, Holly Schofield, Sarena Ulibarri, Tais Teng, Derek Des Anges, Eric Del Carlo, Andrew Dana Hudson, Jay Springett, Lauri Kubuitsile, Kristen Schroeder, Adam Berman, Domnica Radulescu, Sofia Mariah, Philip Berry, Andrew Grell, Commando Jungendstil, Tales From The EV Studio, PSC Willis, and Jacob Ashton.

I’ve had Sarena Ulibarri and Andrew Dana Hudson on Come Internet With Me! Great episodes iidssm.

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Jay Springett is a Solarpunk and strategist, specialising in the distributed web, metaverse, and world running. He is currently writing his first book: The Web Was a Side Quest

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