Myth-Making Mechanisms in Autonomous Worlds

My talk on the design of ‘Myth-Making Mechanisms in Autonomous Worlds’ is one of the best talks I’ve given to date on Worlds Theory.

2 minutes
Myth-Making Mechanisms in Autonomous Worlds talk at Devconnect 2023

In November 2023 I spoke at the Autonomous Worlds Assembly in Istanbul. A two-day event, organised by Autonomous Worlds Network and 0xPARC at Devconnect.

My talk below on the design of ‘Myth-Making Mechanisms in Autonomous Worlds‘ is one of the best talks I’ve ever given about Worlds. And represents where my thinking on ‘Worlds Theory‘ is at present.

I’m really pleased to be sharing it, I hope you check it out!

The talk covers a lot of ground – 80 slides in 22mins lol – but the main topics include:

  • Myth
  • Play + Games
  • The shared characteristics of Worlds
  • A brief history of development Worlds
  • Film Worlds & IP franchises
  • The concept of ‘Canon’ in worlds
  • The 20th century’s most important social technology – Dungeons & Dragons
  • Emergent Narrative and the psychology of perception and causal attribution
  • Coherence and the documentation of narrative produced by worlds
  • Seeing Techno-Social Systems as Worlds
  • System Architecture vs Architectures of choices
  • A proposed glossary for sites of narrative production in Worlds
  • Examples of potential sites of myth-making mechanisms in Worlds
  • All Mods, No Masters – The operating condition of open source software
  • A closing note on AI and Human agents in Techno-Social systems and how they Navigate them

I hope to write a great deal this coming year about *why* my primary thesis: All techno-social systems should be seen through the lens of worlds is important. But for now, now this talk is online – a talk I’m immensely proud of – I’ll be pointing people to it whenever I’m asked the question ‘What do you do?’.

Mostly – as a result of my own failings – my research interests, consulting work and essay collection has been opaque and hard to parse. But being invited to speak to a room full of people building Techno-Social systems - that one day (they hope) will become alive and living Worlds seemed like a good place to lay out the terrain of thought I’ve been exploring.

If you find this talk of interest, or a value, please share it or get in touch!

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