Worlds A Walk Though

In May I went to Lisbon to give the opening talk at the Autonomous Worlds Summit. The first outing for some of the material from The Web Was a Side Quest.

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In May I went to Lisbon to give the opening talk at the Autonomous Worlds Summit. A convergence of 54 web3 game builders and community members who came together to hang out and discuss all things onchain games & autonomous worlds

Worlds A Walk Though: Their History Done Quick

The talk was the first outing for some of the material from my book The Web Was a Side Quest.

A fast-paced history on how ‘worlds’ as we know them came to be. From their origins in Prussian statistical simulations, through psychodrama and the innovations in role-play of the 1950s, to paracosmic world-building of Tolkien. Ideas that found their unlikely combination in the creation of Dungeons & Dragons. A conceptual breakthrough that immediately fused with computing to create a new medium that is reshaping the modern world.

If you want to read more from me on Autonomous Worlds: Check out my Wind-up worlds essay from May 2022 or my essay collection at

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  1. […] did a talk about ‘not fucking up’ the building of worlds which is part of his series of musings on worlds as a medium. I like his thinking on the so-called […]

  2. […] However, in the context of world running, I have been using it as a technical term. Referring to the limited first person perspective one assumes – or rather adopts – when they enter a techno-social system. I go into detail about this, and how D&D changed the world in my talk: Worlds A Walk-through. […]

  3. […] (Also covered extensively in this talk) […]

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