LuxCon 2020 – Eurocon Presents: Solarpunk | 18.Apr.21

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I will be on a Solarpunk panel alongside writers Francesco Verso (IT) and Ana RΓΌsche (BR) at LuxCon 2020 this Sunday, April 18th.

The livestream begins at 12pm CET (11am UK time), live at this link.

The email pre-discussion has been really great so far. I think we’re going to have an interesting conversation during the event.

I expect we’ll cover: world building as an memetic engine for different and diverse futures; Solarpunk expanding across anthologies rather than novels; why it can be both punk and optimistic and probably more.

You can find the full LuxCon schedule embedded as images below or as a PDF at this link.

As with most cons during the Covid Era you can also join the LuxCon discord here.