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There Will Be Crisis | 2310

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There Will Be Crisis

From nowhere north winds may howl. Waves may rise with such violent fury that they may come to threaten the artist’s craft. In such times the artist must lash themselves to the mast of their own integrity. Muster all the courage and strength they have, and do what they can.

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There Will Be Crisis

The artist has now made sanctuary upon their island. Found rhythm amidst domestic movements and the turning of the stars. A space and time in which to do the doing. A stable platform on which to do the work. It is in this environment that the artist gets things done.

But such is the nature of the artist. That they are ever ready to explore new forms, mediums, and temperament. Thus, from a still cove at their island’s edge, the artist builds a craft of their own design and devising. Now the artist charts a course! Sets sail with intention, braving social seas in search of new lands and fresh inspiration.

At first a golden sun will shine upon their face and winds be fair and fine. A journey taken day by day and week by week. The artist on their travels may encounter other captains of destiny. Fellow travellers and collaborators, together in community they may chart courses through wild seas. 

Or the artist navigates alone. By gut instinct without maps or story. Every sunrise is a new move, in the great game. Art created from the heart, documenting their journey. No longer are bottles tossed or left – they become way markers. Tracks for others to explore and follow.

And when at last the artist returns to sanctuary: with them they bring treasures. New threads woven in the tapestry of their art, enriched with colours from a wider world. It is at this moment that the artist must not succumb to temptation. For it is too easy to fall into indolence and decadence. To rest upon one’s laurels and bask in the warmth of new dreams and done things. In such moments, the artist must resist the siren’s song of complacency. Not for one moment can the artist stop to marvel at the depth and breadth of their vision. For it is only work. 

For a time the sun may shine, yet the artist must be ever vigilant. The weather may turn, winds shift and seas grow rough. Life and circumstances may change at any time.

There will be crisis. 

From nowhere north winds may howl. Waves may rise with such violent fury that they may come to threaten the artist’s craft. In such times the artist must lash themselves to the mast of their own integrity. Muster all the courage and strength they have, and do what they can. The boat may capsize and it is both soul and sunrises that will help right the keel.

Money may become scarce. Seasons of asperity experienced all across the isle. This part of the voyage may be long and treacherous. The artist must do nothing but create and survive, press ever on. For in the end it is not the wealth or fame they may attain, but the light they bring into the world that matters

There will be times of deep despair. The artist will be afraid. Afraid that they aren’t the person they believed themselves to be. But this fear is not unique to the artist, it is a universal fear felt by all. They must remember: the work now, as it was back in better days, is always a reflection of the current moment. This work is left behind and builds a body of work. 

Dreams will become but a distant memory but the artist must remain steadfast and true, for even in the darkest of times, a light still burns within them. They must seek sanctuary, and do the doing, with rhythm. For it is in the doing that the artist finds their way out of the dark. Stronger and more inspired than ever before.

So let the artist take heart, and let them never forget that they are not alone in their struggles. An audience stands before them. But there are muses stood behind them, whispering inspiration into the wind. It is through the doing of the dream, that guides the artist to the done. 

Just as any captain must maintain their ship, the artist must not neglect the vessel with which they sail their craft upon the open seas. The winds and waves of inspiration may be strong, but the artist must remember to eat well, sleep well and exercise. 

Through all the perils and challenges that they may face, the artist must remain steadfast and true. Any change in weather will result in a change in context. A commitment to the craft however is not a commitment to the current boat The artist must be prepared to abandon ship at any time. To build new boats and find new routes. With courage and resilience, with creativity and commitment, the artist will navigate any wild seas. However, courses charted or found and followed by chance are fraught with peril.

For the sea is so very vast and unforgiving, and your boat is so very, very small.


The script above is the original script I wrote for the episode. It may differ from what ended up in the episode in the edit.

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