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Permanently Moved returns for Season 11 in 2024! New creative goals require new creative endeavours.

Also, Issue #009 of my zine went out to paid subscribers via snail mail this week.

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Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded by @thejaymo

New Noise

It’s good to be back. If you’ve been following along, then you’ll know we’ve just concluded the longest break away from making the show since January 2019, when I took a break to travel around Asia. 

This year was something similar. I went to Thailand for a month in January and had a super nice time. We fannyed about on boats, and laid on beaches and hiked through jungles. But, since the show’s seasons are 10 week blocks, it just made sense to skip a whole season  and come back with 3 Seasons, or 30 Episodes in 2024.

As most of you will be aware just before Christmas, I launched my new interview show about aphantasia, creativity, and the imagination called Experience.Computer. The show releases monthly and I’ve just finished Season 1.

The reception has been great so far, and a big thanks to everyone who hopped over to the other feed after the first episodes dropped and checked the rest of the show. Experience.Computer is slowly finding its audience and I’m feeling really good about it. Both about the concept and its execution. If you haven’t checked it out yet, or have only heard the Episode I posted on on this feed back in December please do head over to Experience.Computer and sign up to the Substack or search it wherever you also get this podcast. If you like this show, I think you’ll like my other one.


I must admit, I’ve missed making 301 quite a bit over the last few months and it feels good to be back behind the mic again. I hadn’t realised just how big a part of my creative life this show had become. In the 10 weeks I’ve had off, I haven’t touched a script or done any proper audio editing. I mean for a good part of that time I was in Thailand, so wasn’t thinking about anything at all other than what to have to eat next. But since I’ve been back, until this week, 301 and the idea of podcast production in general has been mentally parked. I have thought about podcasts and the industry in general though – and I’ve been thinking about Permanently Moved and its future. Paid subscribers to my zine Start Select Reset will soon know what I’m talking about, as my most recent issue is a double bill with two essays about the show. I posted them out today. If you’d like to receive this issue and future ones you can get on my snail mailing list at

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After all this thinking though, one of the main mindset shifts I’ve decided upon for 301 in 2024 is that I’d like to transition away from the mental model of β€˜making a podcast’ and towards the idea of β€˜making a radio show’. 🎢 One of the things I need to learn if this is going to be successful is how to score properly and do sound design. As is probably already obvious, for the rest of the year, I’ll be playing with elements of the show’s theme and incorporating them into the mixing and production of the show. The music will be built out of modular elements I can re-use and I’ll be writing new ones every week. 

I’ll be using it to underscore the things I say, using recapitulations of the melody 🎢 or just some warm pads and drums under my normal speaking voice. 🎢 A little more sonic interest than just me speaking for 5 mins. 🎢 I’ll keep it all quite low in the mix, 🎢 as the sound design is secondary to the essay and the spoken content after all.

This transition is basically practice for what I want to do next in my creative life.

I’ve spoken a lot over the years about the need to find rhythm in creating things every single week. And I recently heard a parable about this. It’s about the value of consistent practice over the striving for perfection when making things. 

There are two monks and their teacher. The master in the story says to his first student β€œgo make the best pot from clay you can – you have 100 days” and to the second he says β€œMake a clay pot a day for 100 days”. And at the end of the time they both come back to their teachers and show off their creations.

Obviously the second student who’d made 100 of them had the best pot at the end of 100 days.


This show has been a bootcamp for me. It’s taught me how to write, read aloud, edit audio, edit video and just be more relaxed about publishing my work online. But this year, I have 30 pots to make and I’ll be learning something new each week. Exploring and moving the whole thing forward. Where it’s going I have no idea – but the show will of course always be a personal podcast about Internet culture and the topics that fall under the remit of PermanentlyMoved.Online.


I hope you’ll stick around,at least for the next five seasons, and then we’ll see what happens next. I have a good feeling about this year, it’s good to be back.

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