Solarpunk: Dalla Disperazione Alla Strategia – Out Now | Future Fiction

Last year I wrote the introduction to Solarpunk: Dalla Disperazione Alla Strategia from Italian publisher Future Fiction. It is out today.


This may only be of interest if you can read Italian, but its nice to have another piece in print.

Last year I wrote the introduction to Solarpunk: Dalla Disperazione Alla Strategia. The second Solarpunk anthology from Italian publisher It is out today.

In addition to my essay, this anthology brings together 13 stories from 6 different countries. It’s a real honour to have this piece alongside so many fantastic authors. Also how about that cover?

Francesco Verso and Future Fiction’s commitment to publishing work in translation is really inspiring. They are an important voice in amongst in the (typically) anglocentric world of Science Fiction publishing.

Do follow their stuff and check out FutureCon 2021 when details are announced (last year was excellent).

The book is out now worldwide in Italian. Both print and ebook editions can be found on Amazon: Amazon IT / Amazon US.

Solarpunk: Dalla Disperazione Alla Strategia

Cyberpunk’s fictional worlds addressed the rise of corporate power, ubiquitous
computation, anxieties around health care, globalisation and the resolution of the Cold War.

Solarpunk tends to focus more on our contemporary collective aspirations than our anxieties.

The present is the soil from which its stories grow. Biodiversity collapse, climate change and its
resulting multi-species migrations, an aging global population, biotechnology and more.

All become the backdrop to a multitude of Solarpunk plots. All possible worlds that can already be glimpsed from the corner of our eye.

SOLARPUNK: Dalla Disperazione Alla Strategia
– INTRODUCTION by Jay Springett

How much longer will we have to despair before realizing that the future will not be given to us by anyone, if not by our own desire and determination to take it and transform it into what we want?

How many more dystopias will we have to live in before we roll up our sleeves and build a better future for ourselves and for the generations to come?

13 stories from 6 different countries in translation from 4 languages will show you how to go from despair to strategy in order to escape as soon as possible from the nefarious effects of Capitalocene, the geological era caused by two hundred years of predatory industrialism and twenty years of surveillance capitalism.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION by Jay Springett (UK)
RULES FOR A CIVILIZATION by Jerri Jerreat (Canada)
ORCHIDACEE by Thomas Badlan (UK)
THE GREEN SHIP by Francesco Verso (Italy)
IL LAGO DELLE STELLE by Bruno Puelles (Spain)
OIL AND IVORY by Jennifer Lee Rossman (USA)
VERDEGGIARE by Clelia Farris (Italy)
LIZARD SKIN by Lucie LukačovičovÑ (Czech Republic)
IL MATTINO, GLI ALBERI E I LORO DONI by Jean-Louis Trudel (Canada)
COME LE API GIAPPONESI by Stefano Tevini (Italy)
DEBUGGING BEBE by Mary Mascari (USA)
MANDORLA by Cooper Shrivastava (USA)

Buy it now: Amazon IT or Amazon US.

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