Talking Improv and Trust With Dr Alex Fradera | World Running

I spoke to Alex Fradera about World Running. We talk: Improv Theatre, Clowning, Rule Breaking, RPGs, Drama, ‘Unfolding’ vs ‘Change’ and more.


3 minutes

Worlds and ‘worlding’ them is literally what I’ve fallen into doing with my life. Cohesive worlds are hybrid environments made up of the people, places, and technologies that create them. Running worlds, is now what I’d like to do professionally, full time.

Worlds are in right now. Beyond that simple statement on the horizon we can see an industry emerging: World building, virtual worlds, entertainment worlds, media franchises, corporate worlds, theme park design, hybrid/mixed media storytelling, and much much more.

However in my own consulting work: I always ask people what they intend to do with their world after it has been set in motion? This open question begins to shape and define the answer to the question: Who (or What) Is a World Runner?

‘World Runner’ was first coined in 2020 as portmanteau of worldbuilder + showrunner. But I belive it’s a term with the potential to encompass so much more. At the beginning of 2021, in the depths of the UK’s 3rd lockdown I had grand plans to investigate the role of a world runner in public and house the project at That clearly hasn’t happened, as life, work and other factors all intervened.

I’ve recorded a bunch of research interviews with interesting folks on the subject of ‘World Running’. What they think it is, what the discipline could be, what does a world runner do, what are a world runners responsibilities etc?

Instead of leaving all these conversations to gather dust on my hard drive I’d thought I’d begin posting them. Perhaps having them out in the world will encourage me to sit down write

I’ve set up a Discord if you want to talk worlding worlds and running them.

Talking Improv and Trust With Dr Alex Fradera | World Running

A conversation with Psychologist, Author, Improvisational Theatre Teacher and RPG fan Dr Alex Fradera about the emerging concept of ‘Worldrunning’. We discuss trust in worlds, mechanics and rules of worlds and much more.

This video is archival material related to my research project on the concept of worldrunning.


Find more of my work online:

You can find all my notes for this convo in my notion.

This was my first ‘test’ interview. Alex is a good friend and is always more than happy to bounce ideas around with me. Not included in the recording above is the discussion around the wider aims and goals of

We talked about Improv theatre, tools and mechanics, clowning, rule building and rule breaking, trust, the worlds edges, Table Top Role Play Games, the difference between the ‘unfolding’ of drama and ‘change’, the work of Ian Cheng and much much more.

It was a really good conversation. Thanks Alex!

If world running is a topic that interests you don’t hesitate to reach out.
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