Talking Mechanics and Worlding With Paul Czege | World Running

I spoke with Games Designer Paul Czege abut the emerging concept of World Running. We discuss the end of play as narrative destination + more


2 minutes

Cohesive worlds are hybrid environments made up of the people, places, and technologies that create them.

What is world running?, what could the discipline be?, what does a world runner do?, what are a world runners responsibilities etc?

This is the second research interview I conducted on the subject of β€˜World Running’.

I’ve set up a Discord if you want to talkΒ worlding worlds and running them.

Talking Mechanics and Worlding With Paul Czege | World Running

Paul Czege is a writer and designer of storytelling and roleplaying games.

In 2004 Paul was awarded the Diana Jones Award for his influential work My Life with Master. It also won the Indie Roleplaying Game of the Year (2003) and Out of the Box Award for Best Sui Generis RPG (2003)

We talked about: World building and lore, emergent storytelling, the work of Vincent Baker, the importance of onboarding into worlds, how worlds live and die, the work of Ian Cheng, a worlds edge and mechanics and simulation, D&D and its Open Games Licence, moving past conflict as drama generator, Lost, celebrities and world co-creation, and more!

We also discuss some of the challenges Paul has encountered developing his upcoming Solarpunk inspired storytelling game: Traverser.

You can find all the notes from our conversation in my Notion here.

Findings from this project will eventually be housed at Once I get round to writing it.

A conversation with Games Designer Paul Czege about the emerging concept of ‘World Running’. We discuss world building and lore dumping, the end of play as narrative destination, a worlds thematic vs mechanical edges and much more.

This video is archival material related to my research project on the concept of world running.



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Paul’s recent Solarpunk Storytelling game How To Ooze Charm In the Future is available at

How To Ooze Charm In the Future is a solarpunk storytelling game for small groups written for the #AppliedHope jam. Play is taking turns choosing prompts within several thematic categories β€” embodiment, truth, health, tech, justice, the alive world, and the ooze β€” using them to tell about the lives of your characters, and collectively worldbuilding a true utopian future you’d want to live in as a byproduct of your tellings.

On a personal note: I first met Paul on a Solarpunk community call during the depths of the pandemic last year. Our correspondence since then has enriched my life greatly. Thanks Paul!

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