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Sarena Ulibarri Searches ‘Jellyfish’ | Come Internet With Me

Come Internet With MeΒ is a web show with a gentle premise:
Browsing the webΒ together.

Sarena Ulibarri, fiction writer and Editor-in-Chief of World Weaver Press joins me for hour of Interneting. We search β€˜Jellyfish’.

We learn about the life cycle of scyphozoan jellyfish, jellyfish blooms and environmental damage, robot jellyfish and manta rays, the autonomous starfish killer ‘Rangerbot’, recipes, and the five best times jellyfish shut down power plants.

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Notable pages we visited are bookmarked in theΒ channelΒ below:

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Jay Springett is a Solarpunk, and Strategist for hybrid environments. His concerns are with culture, humans and technology and the environment. He is currently writing his first public book: Land as Platform.

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