“We cannot have a conversation about something whilst it remains unseen”

#Stacktivism is a term that attempts to give form to a critical conversation & line of enquiry around infrastructure & the relationship we have to it.

Geert Lovink also uses the term Stacktivism to mean the same thing. He does not credit me as the originator of the term – because this is how some academics think they can behave.

Since 2013 the term has spread far beyond its initial boundaries and has been included in various manifestos, art projects and academic papers.

#Stacktivism was also the catalyst for the 2014-15 SPACE studios:Β INFRA_SPECTION residency at the White Building, London

An ongoing research project.

Who owns the means of not dying? – Stacktivism & The Means Of Not Dying, Jay Springett

The identification of a link between the literal or metaphorical invisibility of infrastructure and β€œthe relationships we have to it” defines a key shared theme of work on infrastructure design across different design disciplines

Redesigning urban infrastructures: New infrastructure design imaginaries and practices, Daniel Tubridy

As the world becomes increasingly connected online, the infrastructure continues to remain a hidden element to most people. Awareness of the infrastructure is limited usually to when it fails

Alternative Models of Connectivity: Reclaiming Networked Spaces, Philip McGillis Bain

SEEING THE STACK: Open Transcripts

#STACKTIVISM Unconfrence (2013)

In the era of stacktivism, a term which derives from Benjamin Bratton’s β€˜Black Stack’, we slowly realize that we might no longer have an understanding of infrastructures or have access to them. The β€˜stack’ β€˜staged the death of the user’ and allowed other nonhuman Users, like the sensors and the algorithms, to become actor

From Community Networks to Off-the-cloud toolkits Art and DIY networking, Daphne Dragona

Jun 13 :: Talk at #ILIW13 – (london)
Jul 13 :: Talk at #stacktivism Unconference – (london)
Aug 13 :: Presentation @ CRESC Annual Conference 2013 – UCL
Feb – Apr 14 :: #Stacktivism logo included in Lighthouse Glasgow exhibition ‘It’s Not Very Nice That’
Apr 14 :: Presentation // Theorizing the Web (#TTW14) – NYC
May 14 – Sept 2015:: INFRA_SPECTION // #stacktivism – I Co-Curated year long artist residency program at SPACE Studios – London.
Oct 14 :: (dis)Assembling #stacktivism // Goethe-Institute panel during Frieze – London
Jan 15 :: Workshop @ Transmediale (Capture All) – HKW Berlin
Jun 15 :: Panel Respondent // INFRA_SPECTION@The White Building // Staying With The Trouble – London

Summer 2014 :: Infraspection Journal Vol 1 Opened for Submissions

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