“We cannot have a conversation about something whilst it remains unseen”

#Stacktivism is a term that attempts to give form to a critical conversation & line of enquiry around infrastructure & the relationship we have to it. The term has spread far beyond its initial boundaries and has been included in various manifestos, art projects and academic papers

#Stacktivism was also the catalyst for the 2014-15 SPACE studios:  INFRA_SPECTION residency  at the White Building, London

An ongoing research project.

Who owns the means of not dying? – Stacktivism & The Means Of Not Dying, Jay Springett

The identification of a link between the literal or metaphorical invisibility of infrastructure and β€œthe relationships we have to it” defines a key shared theme of work on infrastructure design across different design disciplines

Redesigning urban infrastructures: New infrastructure design imaginaries and practices, Daniel Tubridy

As the world becomes increasingly connected online, the infrastructure continues to remain a hidden element to most people. Awareness of the infrastructure is limited usually to when it fails

Alternative Models of Connectivity: Reclaiming Networked Spaces, Philip McGillis Bain

SEEING THE STACK: Open Transcripts

#STACKTIVISM Unconfrence (2013)

In the era of stacktivism, a term which derives from Benjamin Bratton’s β€˜Black Stack’, we slowly realize that we might no longer have an understanding of infrastructures or have access to them. The β€˜stack’ β€˜staged the death of the user’ and allowed other nonhuman Users, like the sensors and the algorithms, to become actor

From Community Networks to Off-the-cloud toolkits Art and DIY networking, Daphne Dragona

Jun 13 :: Talk at #ILIW13 – (london)
Jul 13 :: Talk at #stacktivism Unconference – (london)
Aug 13 :: Presentation @ CRESC Annual Conference 2013 – UCL
Feb – Apr 14 :: #Stacktivism logo included in Lighthouse Glasgow exhibition ‘It’s Not Very Nice That’
Apr 14 :: Presentation // Theorizing the Web (#TTW14) – NYC
May 14 – Sept 2015:: INFRA_SPECTION // #stacktivism – I Co-Curated year long artist residency program at SPACE Studios – London.
Oct 14 :: (dis)Assembling #stacktivism // Goethe-Institute panel during Frieze – London
Jan 15 :: Workshop @ Transmediale (Capture All) – HKW Berlin
Jun 15 :: Panel Respondent // [email protected] White Building // Staying With The Trouble – London

Summer 2014 :: Infraspection Journal Vol 1 Opened for Submissions