throwing my life away


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last weekend i went back to my parents house last weekend, and began throwing away all the shit in my room.

this is a total mission because it contains my whole life up to the age of 18 when i went to uni, and crates of proper bollox from my time at uni. in addition to that, my rents have also been using it as a store room too.

luckily my rents had already made a start just after christmas and by made a start i mean they put everything in a massive pile on the floor.

task number 1 last weekend was to take all my books on the floor and add them to my goodreads profile. i can honestly say this was one of the most boring things i have ever voluntarily done. i had to take the books of the shelf. type the isbn of every single book and then put it in a box. i packed 5 boxes (two of these boxes were solely starwars books.) and probably have another box left to do.

task number 2 was to take down, dust and box up all my starwars toys. although a very sad occasion i’m glad its finally done. now i just need to find a house to live in where i can one day put it all up again, sit in replica x-wing cockpit and watch in on a 3d hud display.

it was looking no where done when i left which is why i didn’t take any photos of it at the end of the weekend. but there was some small visible progress. – plus i threw a create of recycling and two bin liners away.


also; i have decided to sell all my cd’s and also try and sell my unicycle.

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