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009 : viewer discretion cannot be advised

On thursday I was luckly enough to give a talk at london’s worst artist-run space lima zulu‘s fourth #LZPKBYOBRSVP pecha-kucha night.

Topics on the night included bootstrapping, northern ireland prison protests, max stirner, and my talk ‘Cheap Gadgets in the hands of EVERYBODY’. I had a great time, and it was good to see lots of friends i haven’t seen AFK in too long.

The talk wasn’t recorded. But for posterity before i forget, i just sat down and gave the pecha kucha in one take to my laptop and empty flat. I embedded it at the bottom of this post. a big thanks to huw for inviting me to talk.

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Jay Springett is a Solarpunk, and consultant strategist, currently specialising in the distributed web, metaverse, and world running. He is currently writing his first public book: Land as Platform.

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