Colonising the Clouds + Other stuff I forgot to post about in 2014


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:: Colonising the Clouds ::

Last summer i posted a visual essay on Medium of Slides and Notes from a presentation given at Theorising the Web #TTW14 NYC April 2014 with updated/expanded comments. I really like the possibility that beautiful html storytelling can/could afford – A few people however have said that they couldn’t get on with all the ‘scrolley’ but ah well. Maybe i’ll sort it out and post it to tumblr or something.

The piece was later put on a reading list for a university of new south wales MA course (which was something i never thought would happen) and i have subsequently had the opportunity to read quite a few thoughtful and critical response to it.

You can read the abstract/submission for this talk previously posted on this blog here. I have also embedded a video of the full panel and the Q&A from #TTW14 at the bottom of the medium post if you prefer.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 20.05.55


In october i was part of a salon during frieze week at the Goethe-Institute presented in conjunction with the whitebuilding called (DIS)ASSEMBLING #STACKTIVISM – A SALON alongsideKari Altmann (Artist in Residence at The White Building)Paul Raven (University of Sheffield)Julieta Aranda (E-Flux)

There was a reading list issued beforehand. So the discussion was quite sprawling and far reaching. I had a great time.

Video of the evening below (sorry cant figure out how to center it)

:: Thought Menu ::

TTM #11 happened in mid-september after a long hiatus do to all four of us being super busy. We have big plans for 2015 though.

:: Other Stuff :: 

Other news for 2014 i was made a fellow at the RSA in 2014 and also a researcher on ‘corporate meta-intelligences’ at the institute-of-atemporal-studies which was nice

I moved house

Started a DIY record + publishing label with some punks from margate

Started a slow burn audio project that i hope to come to fruition soon in 2015

Started a new job

:: Whats next? :: 

Need to hit 10000 words of a writing project I’ve been asked to work on by end of april. If un successful expect it to be strip mined for essays here and there

Berlin later this month (jan 15) for to run a workshop on Mobilising Infrastructure Space

Beyond that: i’m hoping to make it to Manchester for @futureeverything – specifically the haunted machines conference (details TBA)

Have a half written piece based on a talk i gave in 2014 about compression, the loudness war & instagram filters