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Mysteries are not called Mysteries without good reason: they are woven layers of wisdom, experience, inspiration and transformation – Josephine McCarthy


Well well well, I’ve have quite a fun week. Been out drinking a few evenings in the glorious sunshine. One of these evenings was spent with a friend of mine who recently tried to reach the end – but they are ok and he came out for the first time in a month or so and had a few pints of lemonade. He’s put on over half a stone in 30days. I’m glad He’s feeling better.

Caught up on season three of The Expanse with my friend Ben on his big assed TV. A much better experience than watching it on my smol 13″ screen.

I’ve also been doing a bit of a tidy of the house here and there. Washed all my jumpers and stuff and put them in to storage for the autumn.

Going in a helicopter on Monday tho so looking forward to that!

Permanently Moved

Episode 11. Given all thats been in the news this week, I took some time to focus on strategies to live though the Kali Yuga.

It’s more of an audio collage than an essay and i already know what I’d do differently if i was going to make it again. but i think it might be my favourite episode I’ve made – after the one about my great grandad for different reasons.

Dipping the stacks


The Ministry

I’ve bene doing a lot of behind the scenes strategy and stuff about all the content I’m sitting on that I’ve churned out in the last few months. I’m almost ready to start posting my new solarpunk podcast. I just need to pay the graphic designer.

It was quite fun to do, I did it for my whole life – not just the content I had in mind. I used some of the tools from Holistic Management framework but also the book about content strategy I bought on recommendation of Sjef. I ended up with a crazy spider digram on a A3 piece of paper that i then paired down to a large degree.


I’ve been reading articles online this week, still chuning though the books on my currently reading shelf.

This piece on Gene Drives in the Pacific Standard is well worth your time.


Red Velvet have the released their first track of their Japanese Language EP ‘Cookie Jar’

Remember Kids:

Real landscape magic nazis look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 10.09.00.png

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