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This week I remembered about how awkward and weird I get around Nerds. Blog header post 047

This week I remembered about how awkward and weird I get around Nerds.

It’s PokemonGo’s birthday and it definitely is the season for it… I was out with my friend who whilst has gone back to work is still recovering from his ‘incident’. We were walking down the Thames and there were a group of about 12-15 other white men all waiting to start a PoGo raid. My mate went straight up to talk to them and i stood around awkwardly to the side. Trying not to be associated with them. They said they could do a raid with us in about 10mins and went back to what they were doing, fuck that, I walked off and my mate had to run to catch up.

Him: “what the hell was that?”

Me: “I cant stand fucking nerds”

Him: “Thats a bit rich… you have been going on about Warhammer 40 lore”

Me: “Yes but I don’t hang out around fucking nerds”

Him: “Self loathing nerd”

And do you know what? I am. Always have been, it’s one of the reasons I never went full nerd (even tho my friends would disagree). Despite having a room full of Warhammer and Starwars toys and comics as a teenager. Outside the house I signaled ‘Hardcore Punk’ to the world.

I know it’s probably something I need to work on personally. I’m generally totally accepting of other people but nerds, nerds that signal it in Fashion choices etc? It just seems so totally unnecessary, dressing like the scene you are/were in is something you grow out of when you become an adult… Its always why I get angry around a lot of occultists I think too. The only group of people i feel really comfortable hanging around with anywhere are people that do circus skills. I think it has something to do with the visible recognition of how many hours work went in to the skill.

If i don’t need to be in a situation I dislike I will take the option to not be. So anyway theres a moment of self reflection for you, I feel bad. Its something I need to work on.

Permanently Moved

I was wondering what to make a podcast about so I pulled down one of my favourite books ‘The Bad Popes’ by Russell Chamberlin and opened it to a random page.

That page was my favourite story from that book and also took place exactly 724 years ago to the day. So there you go episode 13 – all a bit Paul Western to be honest with you.

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Dipping the stacks


The Ministry

Crypto drinks on Saturday was excellent. We talked about saas platforms for cults. P2P web3 technologies and also secret project (OPF) and a lot more.

Later this week was crypto workshop back at the goethe institut as part of the Daowo program. Ola from Methodkit was running the workshop and I haven’t seen him in a few years, so it was good to catch up. During the workshop I may have gone a bit off the deep end. Drinks afterwards ended up going full secret space program conspiracy theory chat with BX and JKB. Anyway Here’s some photos:

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 13.05.06


Today I’ve been re-reading a book about Saint Maria Goretti as it is her saints day today. 250,000 people were at her canonisation.


Remember Kids:


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