Cult thinking


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1. A cult is a group of people using a replicable process have a similar/shared praeternatural experience.
2. The group is not a sanctioned ‘religion’ or group identity under law.

More to come on this. Long form.

Its my birthday on Wednesday so today i’m having a bbq at a friends house. got to get ready so this weeks blog is pretty short.

Permanently Moved

Episode 15 Suffering Wangdoodles!

This episode is about the radio adventure show that first aired in 1937. This was definitely the most ambitions episode i’ve tried to make since I’ve started and I can’t believe that I managed to get it done in an hour. I wish I had time to talk about all the crazy gadgets in it! Speed Gibson is one of my favourite all time radio adventure stories – I hope it’s now yours too!

Dipping the stacks

Three hour interview with nick land

Same interviewer talking to a gender accelerationist and Lesbian Neoractionary  – think alt right response to xenofeminism.

The Ministry

I had an amazing call this week with a firm who does whole systems investment. Fascinating.


I started re-reading some YA fiction. I’m re-reading Scott Westerfield’s Uglies super fast to get a feel for the prose.


K-pop Collabo group H Triple H have a new EP coming out the title is Retro Future. This lead single has a weird 80’s instagram aesthetic.

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