Sunsets In Istanbul

Right now I am in Istanbul with Eve. Yesterday night was Benedict and Mina’s wedding.


2 minutes Blog header post 086

I’m writing this post on my phone from Istanbul. Ok.. I must admit Guttenburg style block interface is very good on this small screen.

Still tho.. doesn’t excuse the awfulness of the UX on desktop.

Right now I am in Istanbul with Eve. Yesterday night was Benedict and Mina’s wedding. It was absolutely beautiful and pretty magical. The venue was right next to The Bosphorus and they kissed and said nice things to each other during golden hour as the sun went down.

Also there’s a lot of familier faces from all over the place. It’s been a blast seeing everyone for a few days here.

Tomorrow is sightseeing day. Can’t wait.

Permanently Moved

The Most Forgetful Man In England


The Reverend George Harvest – Rector of Thames Ditton


β€˜The most forgetful man in England’


You can subscribe to Permanently Moved in itunes: or search in all your favourite podcatchers.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Really happy with this weeks episode. Please share it if you like it too, its a fun topic. I also used to live and work in Thames Ditton for like 6 years and still live just 20mins away. I’m going to attempt to find his gravestone soon.

Dipping the Stacks

The Empty Radicalism of the Climate Apocalypse | Issues in Science and Technology

Floppycasts – 1.44MB Podcasts –

(very cool idea. Producing podcasts to fit into 1.44MB )

Woman falls asleep on flight and wakes up in pitch dark on locked and empty plane | The Independent

You Have One Job – Pray – On Behalf of All and for All – Glory to God for All Things

The Ministry

All the text is sorted for my first PDF. I also ended up editing and tightening up the first 27 pages of my book on meditation as someone wanted to read it.

Looks like my panel at Sonar +D is going to be moderated by Ash Sarker. I haven’t seen her properly IRL in about 2 years as I’m ALWAYS busy on Novara party days. I’m looking forward to it – A Lot


I read Mechanicum in the Warhammer series last week. It’s not “Bolter Porn-ey” as other books in the series but massively pushes the lore forward and drops a few hits for the current setting 10k years later


I’ve been listening to a fuck ton of The Senja Recordings by Biosphere this week.

The line notes for the track below read:

Field recording, military snow shed, December 2016.
A 300 m long concrete snow shed where the wind is blowing through the ventilation pipe towards the opening, sounding like a gigantic flute.

Remember kids:

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