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I’ve been doing a lot of life admin this week. Crossing T’s, dotting I’s, sorting out tax rebates and chasing invoices etc.

It might sound vein or narcissistic but the main thing I’ve done this week is that I’ve put a lot of thought into my social media strategy. But then again its 2019 and I grew up on the web as a teen. The web is also how I got the name Jay in the first place. Was because my real name was already taken on a local PHPBBS forum. (I got the name Jaymo because I played a lot of Pokemon when I was in my old punk band. and I was slow. Like slowmo)

Anyway, I drew a big diagram with all my various spots around the web. Highlighted services I’m paying for etc and decided it was all ridiculous.

I’ve always always resisted centralising my content around But as time has gone like 15 years or something I think that might have been a bit of a poor decision on my part.

Anyways. The crazy spider diagram I ended up with will be a lot less crazy if I centralise.

I may end up Migrating this current free wordpress blog to and paying for a redirect for one year or something. It’s only $13. The question is, what do I do about all the folks reading this via RSS? It’s only 25 people or something according to Feedly. So I assume that if I let you know when I pull the trigger – you might come with me?

Whilst I’ve been doing a lot of work with with domain. I think it might be better if I actually just move everything to as part of the centralisation.

I also spent some time looking into how I convert / move a personal gmail account to G-Suite and its…. intense ?

I’m not sure if its worth doing or not. Basically for a lot of time and hassle plus 4 quid more a month I’ll get unlimited photos/drive space. I might ask around with other folks and see what they do.

Permanently Moved

Words Words Words


Writing, How much effort a creative practice requires, The need to tell our own stories, and be supportive of one another.


‘To be a writer you have to write. And the more you write, the better you’ll be. That’s the only thing I can think of doing, and yet, so often it feels like a vanity to be producing more and more words’
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Dipping the Stacks

Google Patents – This is a trove of ‘neurocapital’ patents owned by one of googles companies. Here’s some examples of patent names:

Reader communication with contact lens sensors and display device
Contact lens with capacitive gaze tracking
Contact lens employing optical signals for power and/or communication

How Indie Artists Actually Make Money in 2019

Biohackers are pirating a cheap version of a million-dollar gene therapy – MIT Technology Review

Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend: Alaska’s universal basic income problem – Vox

The Ministry

As per the afore mentioned thinking about social media I was doing this week, I updated the branding for Permanently Moved (for widescreen players) and completely overhauled my Youtube Channel. I made a lulzy banner too. Hahaha

I also added engagement cards to the end of each of the videos. I figured if Iwas going in to every video to add a cover image I might as well… One person has already clicked one in the last 24 hours to watch/listen to a different video so … already worth the time and effort I suppose?


I’m still reading Extra Lives. It is quite an interesting book… But it hasn’t aged well since the #Metoo , #crunch worker condition and G*m*rG*te that have happened since its publication.


I’ve been listening to Julianna Barick all morning on recommendation of Sarah Shin from Ignota/New Suns festival.

Its loop electronica / new age-y / magic-y. I like it

Remember kids:

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