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I’m putting out a zine….

You can find issue one at:

This first zine is a collection of transcripts on the attention economy, social media, and device use that have emerged as a recurring thread thought making permanently moved in the last 18 months.

Future Issues will include original/new texts alongside the show transcriptions on or related to similar topics. I’d also like to collaborate with folks too – please get in touch! I’m aiming for one every two months or so, maybe more frequently. Who knows

Start Select Reset Zine #001 (PDF)


I’m actually on holiday right now. Writing this blog post on my pixel 3. However. Guttenberg is kinda cool on mobile. Wouldn’t want to do this all the time. But I have this week notes blog as a template now so its alright. Here’s a picture of me right now.

Permanently Moved

Start Select Reset Zine

I would like to use this opportunity to β€˜Direct Your Attention’ to three separate things this week:

1. I’M STARTING A ZINE! You can download it here: or

2. Trust Support’s ‘European Stack’ Residency [Berlin]
3. The Terraforming Post Grad @ Strelka [Moscow]


SSR Zine: 
M1k3y’s Zines:
The Terraforming:

Dipping the Stacks

The Brazen Vessel – A Book Review | John Beckett

Depression, anxiety rising among U.S. college students | Article [AMP] | Reuters
Neptune in Pisces innit

Does Free Will Exist? Neuroscience Can’t Disprove It Yet. – The Atlantic

How the UK Security Services neutralised the country’s leading liberal newspaper – Daily Maverick

The Ministry

I’ve been working on LAP this week and also just took a look at this 20k word ebook I wrote in 2015 but never did anything with. Might clean it up. Do a hard edit and try and put it out before the end of sept.



I’ve been listening to some old synth wave tracks I made ages ago. Over and over on the beach.

Remember kids: