I Think I Will Cause Problems On Purpose

I Bought Untitled Goose Game at 9am on launch day last week. I’ve been going on about it to anyone that will listen. Most ‘Gamers’ in my life think the whole premise sounds dumb. But really it is they who are dumb.


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I Bought Untitled Goose Game at 9am on launch day last week. I’ve been going on about it to anyone that will listen. Most ‘Gamers’ in my life think the whole premise sounds dumb. But really it is they who are dumb.

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UGG is one of the best games I’ve played in AGES. It is a mix of Hitman 2 and Metal Gear Solid, only you are an angry Goose in a whimsically rendered simulation. Twitter unilaterally deciding that it’s set in ‘Brexit Village’ makes the game even funnier tbh.

What video games ARE and what they CAN BE still has such a huge landscape for exploration. I really hope we have a AAA winter and the industry crashes letting a 1000 small teams bloom.

Recent Additions

There’s a thing going around on Tumblr at the moment. The Top 5 most recently like tracks in your audio software. Thought I’d do the same here.

The following is in reverse order. Most recent first

Unleash The Archers – Northwest Passage

I actually tweeted this out. Unleash the archers are a melodic death/power metal band from Canada. This is their cover of Northwest Passage by Canadian Folk Legend Stan Rogers.

Their album Apex from 2017 is still on pretty heavy rotation on my phone. Basically if you have ever liked Iron Maiden you’ll love Unleash The Archers.

Good Morning – Tricot 

Japanese math rock band Tricot have a new EP out this month. This track isn’t my favourite off the EP but I hit the fav button on the EPs 2nd listen as its pretty damn catch.

Beehives Betrayed – Clive Tanaka y su Orquesta

I first found out about Clive Tanaka after they sued Niki Minaj back in 2013. I’ve been following along since. I really like new album it has some chillwave. Great glitchy bits and really good use of samples of a British DJ. Skip to about 6mins for the best bit of the track.

All Is Fair In Love And Kai Whiston – Kai Whiston

Ninja tune child prodigy had an album out at the end of last year but I only just got round to listening to it.

Superglue – GFOTY

GFOTY is one of the many musicians on PC Music. 5 years on from the breakout of the PC music Genre, the question ” is it the future of pop or ‘contemptuous parody’? ” is kinda moot. The lines have blurred so much with likes of A. G. Cook etc doing production in South Korea and SOPHIE working with Madonna and for Charlie XCX etc.

At the end of the day all these tracks have a deadpan simplicity which most pop songs can learn from.

Permanently Moved

Ritual and Storytelling


This show was a big bite to take, make and chew within one hour but ah well:

Technology and Ritual
Ritual needs sacrifice
Storytelling and Mythos
The story becomes alive in its telling
Our ancestors would struggle to see mythology as separate from ritual

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Website: https://www.thejaymo.net/
Podcast: http://permanentlymoved.online
Zine: http://startselectreset.com

I think I tried to hard this week. But then again I wrote the whole thing in 35 mins so I can’t complain. It feels like the episode is the opening first halves of a two part essay.

Dipping the Stacks

Crash Course | The New Republic

50 books, 50 days and a car named Thunder: Columbus native takes cross-country trip to nation’s bookstores

The Clear Pill, Part 1 of 5: The Four-Stroke Regime – The American Mind
(CW Moldbug)

β€œThis Shithole Made Me”: 4 Extremely Online Writers on How the Internet Broke Our Brains and How We Can Unbreak Them – Mother Jones

The Ministry

I hit 4/5 of my target wordcounts this week. So not bad.
Still need to find some work tho ?

I’ve started building a new version of Thejaymo.net but its going to take me fucking ages as I’m doing it on a subdomain that I’m then gonna ftp all the files over to main after nuking the current site. Im hoping to get it all done next week before I head to unsound but I’m really not sure.
This site will 301 redirect for at least a year once I’m done. But I’m not planning on leaving any content here after that.


Believe it or not. Im running out of Warhammer books to read. Its taken a year long binge but I reckon by xmas i’ll be up-to-date and just reading the books as the come out.


The 5 tracks I opened this post with are all stuff I’ve listened to this week.

So heres the Flaming Lips covering War Pigs on later with Holland back in 2006

Remember kids:

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