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So the site move is done. It took A LOT longer than expected due to the general crappiness of wordpress’s xml importer.

I still have a quite a few things to do like move subscribers over from wordpress.com via jetpack, and have built up quite the list of CSS tweaks to work on – like the way the images are handled on the single post blog page – but it’s done for now. This whole project has consumed nearly 2 weeks of my life and to be honest I hope never to have to do it again.

I’ve owned this domain name for 10 years now, I thought I’d post some documentation of how its changed in that time, and how some things have stayed the same.


Full Picture, but still back when I didn’t ever post my face on the internet. Simple links to other services.


I don’t actually have a decent picture of this iteration, but someone snapped it and posted it to their ‘people who are interesting’ years ago. I’m eating a FAB. The best ice cream.
Full Picture, Simple Links

2014 – 2016

This is known as the late 20’s look. I grew a beard, shaved it off and then immediately re-grew it and then shaved it off when I was 31.
Full Picture, Simple Links

Jun 2017 +

Shit Broke. People told me they liked my site :/
No Picture + Plus a broken plugin pulled in content from other services instead of sending people other places.
Note (I was having a very serious breakdown working as Ops Manager at a startup during this period)

2018 – 2019

Full Picture, Simple Links.
Later I added a list of talks, as people were complaining that I was too decentralised etc.

2019 – Present

Full Picture, Simple Links (self contained one page site)

All in all I think the way I like websites that are about me *cringe* to look hasn’t really changed that much. Todays site (I reckon) is good for a bunch of years. I have some nice headshots and things come though from conferences etc. When the statute of limitations runs out on them I might have the site randomly pick one. The tools I now have mean I can actually have different front pages based on where people arrive from etc

Hope you all like the new site! *collapses*

Permanently Moved

The Laughing Man (A Ghost Story)

It’s that time of year. Here’s my ghost story.
Dealing with a haunted chest of drawers and The Laughing Man as a kid. (ft. My Bro)

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Website: https://www.thejaymo.net/
Podcast: http://permanentlymoved.online
Zine: http://startselectreset.com

For reasons of SEO I may move my weekly podcast update on this blog into Its own post on to this website. Google like finding my blog way more than http://permanentlymoved.online it seems. So I may have to build a custom page/child theme here on this site. And I’ll pipe the episode through. For now tho I CBA.

Dipping the Stacks

How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation | The Nation

On the Many Different Engines That Power a Short Story | Literary Hub

Penny Fractions: Billie Eilish: The Exception That Proves the Rule | Revue

Intersectionality Is a Hot Topic — and So Is the Term’s Misuse

The Ministry

Now this website is out the way, it has cleared up so much brain space for other projects. I’ve decided I’m going to do Nanowrimo again this year, but tbh I have a feeling that I may write well over 50k words.

I’ve also made preliminary notes to do a ‘radio thing’ on social media and the isles of blogging etc TBA

I’ve continued to work on the audio comic screenplay. But I am thinking that I may need to move over to scrivener.


I listened to the first two (and sadly only ones avalible in this format) audio books of the Ciaphas Cain series in the 40k Universe this week whilst working on this site (I know I know more 40k). They are honestly THE BEST books set in this universe. He is a fantastic character and the narration / performance is really really good. 100% would recommend to people interested in where to start in this universe.


New Eartheater came out. It’s really cool. Rep this track especially.

Remember kids:

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