Reality Drift

Five minutes ago you were shouting about Brexit and suddenly there’s literal communists on television asking if billionaires should even exist.


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I had written a whole long post on Reality Drift. The TLDR is: 

Five minutes ago you were shouting about Brexit and suddenly there’s literal communists on television asking if billionaires should even exist. 

I thought it was quite funny and informative, but WordPress swallowed it. I’m not sure what happened but I assume its to do with self hosting not being as reliable as .com. I’ve probably fucked up my cache settings or something like that.

On Monday night I went for dinner with the good Ahmet A Sabanci. We went for vegan burgers and drank a few fine beers. The whole evening was characterised by really good/interesting conversation. A real pleasure to meet him!

I’ve also been working hard on this years Nanowrimo. It is a bit different mentally when you have spend the best part of a year writing with daily word counts.
I’m doing something a bit different this year however. Back in 2015 I wrote an ebook about corporations.

It was absolutely wild at the time, written during a manic phases shortly after returning from Transmediale. I said on twitter that I might post it as an ebook online somewhere. Maybe I might use SSR zine as a venue for it. 

I re-read it during October and whilst its full of good ideas, I don’t think that it’s very good. 29 year old me wasn’t very good at articulating himself and tried to adopt some kind pseudo academic prose. What I have decided to do it rewrite the whole thing as part of Nanowrimo. Then in early December I will go back and merge the two documents as part of the editing process. Whatever I eventually put out will a collaboration between 29 year old me and 34 year old me. It’s been really fun revisiting some old ideas etc. We’ll see if anyone else thinks it’s fun when I drop the PDF.

This weeks podcast is actually part of the document. As I wasn’t going to waste my words as part of Nanowrimo on a podcast that wasn’t furthering the main goal! Its slightly strange and disjointed by I hope you enjoy the 5min rant on Temporary Total Institutions

Permanently Moved

Temporary Total Institutions

Permanently Moved Podcast Cover

Thinking out loud about how all these things have institutionalisation in common: Asylums, Care Homes, Prisons, Yoga Retreats, Cruise Ships and the Workplace.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


I had a whole section on how nightclubs are temporary total institutions. The dance floor as an institutionalised space. Predicable and well understood roles between members of the organisation. DJ’s, Club Goers, Bar Staff etc. The security on the door represent the permeable physical barrier etc I cut it for time. But foolishly deleted it.
Now I’ve made so many changes in the gDoc I can’t find it. I’ve tried to go back and find the paragraph to no avail. Mercury ret in scorpio innit.

Dipping the Stacks

β€˜Awful Business’ Or The New Gold Rush? The Most Valuable Companies In Esports Are Surging

The first map of America’s food supply chain is mind-boggling

Scientists Now Know How Sleep Cleans Toxins From the Brain | WIRED

The social ideology of the motorcar – Uneven Earth

The Ministry

I’ve had a busy week with PROJECT NOVA. If you follow them on instagram then the back of my head was captured in a story they posted. One person messaged me to ask if it was me. Lol
Been in to the office twice this week. I’m going to spend a few hours this weekend working on a spreadsheet. FUN

I’m thinking about looking for a recruiter that might help me in the new year. If anyone knows a good recruiter for London weirdos please let me know

I’ve also been informed that if you Google my name Google Podcasts seems to think this blog is a podcast feed because I was posting Permanently Moved here as an audio embedded. I’m going to go back and update all the posts at some point with the Libsyn iFrame with the hope it will kill the search result. 


I’m still plugging away at Playing At The World. It’s a fantastic book.

I read Knights of Macragge. It’s a two part story. Part sci-fi ghost/horror story and part spooky star trek away mission set in the Warhammer 40k universe. It’s a fun read, i always think of ultramarines as British ‘what’s all this then’ policemen type caricatures and because of that head canon some of the moments in this book are funny when they should probably be more β€˜horror’.


The new Sunn 0))) EP has basically been the soundtrack to dark early evening tube and train rides this week. Frost is my favourite. But that might because I like the key of C.

Remember kids:

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