Mid January Already

I really can’t believe its mid January already. I have a feeling that this year is going to go even quicker than the last few.


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I really can’t believe its mid January already. I have a feeling that this year is going to go even quicker than the last few.

Connect BTS

The week started off at the Serpentine Gallery for the launch of Connect BTS. I wrote a whole post about it during the week. It was very surreal. Cool tho. Whilst I was walking though the park back to the tube I passed loads of Parakeets chilling on a fence.

Parakeets in Hydepark

Quite a bit of this week has been spent working on the video I recorded last Friday.

Bullet Journal 2020 Jay Springett

Its been quite a steep learning curve, whilst the *feel* of video editing software is similar to Audio, there is a lot more to think about at various levels. Planning ahead more etc.

I spoke a little bit at Sonar+D last summer about how software make’s us feel. Quite a few software developers I know raised their eyebrows at the idea. But it seems like a good topic to explore on the Pod at some point.

Whilst I was editing this little 3 Min video, I was hamstrung by my 2014 Mac Pro struggling. Despite it having monster ram and a graphics card – manipulating 1080p video resulted in much wheezing. Also I’m using open source software and it keeps bugging out. So frustrating.

Washing machine foam explosion

Thursday was foam party day!

I made a massive error when I spilt some dish soap liquid on the floor.

I mopped it up and threw the mop head straight in the washing machine without thinking. Error.

The biggest issue, wasn’t so much the foam… More that it was a 90 degree hot wash to clean the machine, so the spreading alien foam was SCALDING HOT.

Thursday evening was spent in the company of friends at band practice with the band I’ve joined. Things are already sounding good. We’re on a bit of a deadline to record before the couple in the band’s baby arrives. So it looks like I now have weekly evening band practice in the schedule. Feels good! Well.. Apart from my fingers. They hurt a lot from playing bass for the first time in nearly a decade. πŸ™

Permanently Moved

Crying Whilst Meditating

301 Cover. Episode 2002


Making judgements, runners high and embodiment.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo

Website: https://www.thejaymo.net/
Podcast: http://permanentlymoved.online
Zine: http://startselectreset.com

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Sent most of the week getting back into the swing of things for 2020. I must admit I *have* I feel, hit the ground running attempting to get up to the 1000mph I want to be running at for the rest of the year. I just have 2 more historical emails from last year to reply too. One of which is giving me major anxiety. But I AM going to do it tomorrow.

The author and my friend Huw Lemmey was kind enough to quote me several times in his newsletter titled ‘Meghanomania and the Big Bong’ this week. It is a fantastic. A timely evisceration of the UK’s media class, racism, the short sightedness of I urge you to go read it and then subscribe (free or paid!)

Got some work on the horizon hopefully a big project I was supposed to be working on fell though. It would be great if something came along soon though.

Dipping the Stacks

Men are paying $76,000 for a limb-extending surgery to be taller

Has the Average Human Body Temperature Always Been the Same? | Live Science

The new dot com bubble is here: it’s called online advertising – The Correspondent

The Center Blows Itself Up: Care and Spite in the β€˜Brexit Election’ | by David Graeber | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books


I read Ringworld by Larry Niven this week. The whole time I was reading it I wasn’t sure if I have read it before?

I had a look in my Goodreads and its not in there. But during the whole book I had some serious dejavu. Maybe I inhaled it when I was working at the bookshop 15 years ago? But this week also felt like the first time I was reading it. No idea .. strange.

I really enjoyed it though. From 2020 it has some faults obviously. But at the end of the day its a rollicking sci-fi adventure story. Busting at the seams with ideas. Loved it. Might read the rest of the series if I can find them.


You know, I haven’t really listened to that much music this week. I’ve been busy making it. I’ve made the music for my Bullet journal video and also been listening to the recordings from band practice. BUT boy do I have a track to share. Eve has been listening to loads of late 70’s early 80’s African Electronic Pop in the car. When we were driving to the supermarket the other day this track came on and its FANTASTIC. So damn catchy.

Remember Kids:

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