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I have been trying to curb my time wasting on Youtube for a while. Over the weekend I unsubscribed from over 100+ channels. But STILL find myself subscribed to 260+ channels ?.


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I have been trying to curb my time wasting on Youtube for a while. Over the weekend I unsubscribed from over 100+ channels. But STILL find myself subscribed to 260+ channels ?.

Because its top of mind this morning – here’s a selection of good channels (In no particular order) I really like, that are away from the beaten path of ‘regular youtube’.

Bournemouth Jet Washing

YUP Jet Washing

Literally what you think it’s going to be. In each video the affable protagonist ‘Ricky Banjo’ travels to a job and cleans something with a jet washer. Its 3 act story telling at its best. I also enjoy the shredding air guitar solos at the end of each video.


There is a whole sub genre of ‘men in sheds building insanely dangerous ebikes’. Vortecks is my favourite. The channel also does great breakdowns of how to build power cells of 18650 batteries etc. Also check out the most recent video where he tests a modded escooter that does 30/35mph! I think the whole scene is solarpunk as hell.

Greg Judy

Greg Judy is one of the many regenerative grazers I follow on ‘Farmtube’. Richard Perkins is the TOP Farmtuber IMO. But I like Gregs video style. It’s usually a 10min musing from the field on the state of the grass, happy cows, fencing etc.

London Worms & Garden

Guy has LOADS of worm bins. He does lots of experiments, usually debunking packagings claims of being compostable. Its very casual, lots of advice on how to manage worm bins in the UK climate.

Kris Harbour Natural Building

This guy lives in the woods somewhere in Wales. He’s built a house, a DIY hydro electricity system that also does 3 phase. For the last year he’s been building an off grid workshop with a reciprocal roof. I started following him back when he was building the house in the video above.

Wildlife Exposed TV

This Channel is great. He only has 600 something followers at the time of posting. Jack Perks is a great host and each episode is on some weird aspect of British Fauna. TBH I think the BBC should give him a TV show.

John Vervaeke

John Vervaeke, PhD is an award-winning lecturer at the University of Toronto in the departments of psychology, cognitive science and Buddhist psychology. He’s deep in ‘Meaning crisis’ youtube.

Chi With A C

Chi with a c is from my hometown, I really like her humor. Its a great channel. Good greenscreen work.

Travels With Sheila

Some big boomer energy on this channel. Sheila has been traveling the world since 1960. She has visited 150 in over 60 years of travel. She is always on holiday… like all the time. Cruises, sightseeing etc. She posts reviews of all sorts of things, flights, hotels, tourist attractions, food. She also makes great travel tip videos how to buy train tickets from an airport etc. Really useful when we were travelling though Asia last year.


Acorn to Arabella

Sampson Boat Co

These two videos come as a pair. There are loads of people building boats on youtube but these folks are my favourite. It’s really informative, and seems to perhaps herald a resurgence of traditional skills and methoeds.

As the world re-greens as part of the anthropogreen perhaps more and more boats will be built as all the rewilded forests need thinning. Its also solarpunk as hell.

Bonus video:
Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t

This video was posted by an admin at solarpunks recently.

This video tour of his Guerilla Gardening whilst cruising around on a hacked electric scooter is an IRL Solarpunk VIBE.

Thats the list for now. A bit bro heavy I’m afraid/aware. I’ll do another one of these at some point in the next 6 months as “I recognise my failing and will strive to correct it” as the saying goes.

Obviously, if you can’t be assed to subscribe to my podcast via audio app. you can always subscribe and listen to it on youtube here.

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