Immunocompromised = Indoors

What is there to say really? I’m immunocompromised so have been indoors the whole week.

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What is there to say really? I’m immunocompromised so have been indoors the whole week.

Not that being indoors all week is *that* different from any other week. A few less trips to the river, Sainsbury’s and the local coffee shop – because there’s nothing to buy anyway. Eve embarked on a massive fetch quest for some additional fresh veg yesterday and this is what the supermarket looked like:

Some guy tried to sell her a packet of 6 bog roll for 12 quid in our semi local corner shop. We told everyone about it in the local chat group and now no one is going to shop there ever again.

We were supposed to be on holiday this week, as it didn’t’ happen after I finished writing last weeks post, we went out and bought a gaming laptop. (Acer Nitro 5). I think at some point I’ll double the ram it has but for now tho, playing games on a dedicated machine is really nice. Eve spent all week playing sims 4 and a buttery smooth Cities Skylines (for the first time ever). I’ve been playing Assassins creed black flag on the switch. It’s not very good. The whole game is an endless collect’em up. I know people who worked on it as producers so won’t slag it off too much.

The Clivia my Mum and Dad took a cutting of and then bought us over the winter flowered this week. It’s brought a lot of cheer to the kitchen windowsill

Apart form that, not really any news. I’ve written over 3k words on the current moment. It needs a hard edit, but I really want to post it asap in the long reads section of my site.

Permanently Moved

[Guest Episode] Peasants & Plague

Huw Lemmey guest hosted 301 this week


Primidi Germinal, Peasants! Plague! Radical Cults! Class Politics!

Thats right @huwlemmey is guest presenting this week. He is the host of the hit podcast Bad Gays and writes the weekly newsletter Utopian Drivel over at

Huw on Twitter:
Bad Gays Pod:
Utopian Drivel:

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


Huw recorded this episode for me as if I haven’t mentioned I was supposed to be on Holiday. Im extremely grateful for him doing so. I think the episode is fantastic.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

I start work with a new client on Monday. Moving an entire team over to Notion.So (click the link to sign up with my code. You get $10 credit. I get $5) and revamping their processes and project management. Its going to be… non trivial to do this remote but I’m excited for the challenge.

Dipping the Stacks

Everything You Need To Know About Your Psoas, The Muscle That’s Storing Your Deepest Trauma | Thought Catalog

Life Usability Issues – clothilde – Medium

I’m a Bernie volunteer. Here’s how Joe Biden can win Bernie voters.

How big tech hijacked its sharpest, funniest critics – MIT Technology Review


I’m still reading  Your Silence Will Not Protect You by Audre Lorde before bed every night. And I also reading another Warhammer Book. Been playing too much switch tbh


Lyra’s album Fountain came out yesterday. I’m on my second listen. She played me some of it off her phone last year. But hearing it finished is amazing. As a type up this post, I’m just having a chat with her about the launch and how well its gone.

The quietus wrote in their review “we privilege the voice above all other sounds is not out of preference but necessity – equal parts hope and fear.”

Remember Kids:

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