The Run Out

I’ve been busy with work this week. But I did get chance to finally sit down and read Vol 2# of 28 Mag in its entirety.

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28 Mag

I’ve been busy with work this week. But I did get chance to finally sit down and read Vol 2# of 28 Mag in its entirety.

Long time readers will know I’m a ‘little’ bit of a Warhammer fan. About 3 years ago my cousin told me he was back into Warhammer and immediately, so was I.

Of course when heading back in to the hobby as a grey beard in my mid 30’s I looked up all the old games I used to play on the inter-tubes. Checking out all the online communities that have continue to thrive with passion and love for old out of print table top war games. Very quickly I came across the hashtag #INQ28.

INQ28 started as an online community dedicated to playing the old 2001 Games Workshop 54mm miniature based Role Playing Game – Inquisitor. But due to the short life of the product line, very quickly it became played with the more traditional 28mm scale models.

Since then, the term / hashtag has been used to encompass alternative rulesets, or models made in the grimdark style based on the themes and and ideas of the original game. It is also more loosely applied to models made and converted for narrative games (my preferred type) and of course models made / converted and painted in the ‘Blanchitsu’ style. If you don’t know who the artist John Blanche is, lets just say he is as responsible for Grimdark as hr giger is responsible for scifi- horror.

Moving beyond this short history lesson, let me tell you about 28mag Vol 2.

28 Mag Vol 2 Cover

28 Mag (Vol 2) is what happens when a passionate community come together to document their work and create something for others who are just as passionate.

Vol2 comes in at a weighty 186 pages. Featuring 48 Contributors wrangled by a team of 8 Volunteers.

28 Mag Table Of Contents
28 Mag Table of Contents

The Magazine is chock full of concept artists, miniature photography, terrain making, sculpting guides, interviews and articles on rules and narrative game play.

Honestly, there is something to inspire and learn on every single page of the zine. It’s layout and design is also highly readable and very contemporary. A far cry from fanzines of old. The artists included are fantastic, and you can feel their enthusiasm for the setting both in their work and the spiel provided. And models featured. Well.. Go look for yourselves.

Even if you aren’t into table top miniature, I still highly recommend checking out the and its two issues thus far.

I feel there is a lot that could be learnt by other online communities and fandoms around the value of creating/producing documents like these. Many hobbies now live entirely online. Unless the community has an obsessive archivist a lot of content and amazing material is going to Succumb to bit rot.

In fact, I would love it if 28mag one day did a physical journal collecting PDFs into one big dead tree book. Perhaps 3 issues collected together or something and then crowed funded as a limited run.

I’m still reading the mighty tome that Is Playing at the World: A History of Simulating Wars, People and Fantastic Adventures, from Chess to Role-Playing Games by Jon Peterson. A great deal of his research relies very heavily on lithographed fanzines and newsletters. The more of that book I read, the more I suspect just how valuable ‘printing things out’ will become as we move into the future and historical investigations begin into our present.

Anyway if you are curious head over to If you like what you see, they have just launched. a Patreon. Garnering 58 patrons in just a matter of days (inc me).

Lockdown Week 2

Well. How is everyone doing? I must admit that this week in particular I have felt very blessed to live somewhere with a south facing balcony and garden.

Mr Robin and Mrs Robin who nest in next doors dilapidated ruin of a shed are back. It was nice to see them hopping about looking for bugs as I was sweeping up leaves earlier this week.

I’ll be speaking about meditation and prayer on a rune soup premium members stream tonight from 9pm UK time.

Permanently Moved

The Run Out


Landslides and Avalanches, The Run Out, Accelerationism, Post Post Modernity. 

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


I’ve had quite a lot of nice feedback about this episode. I think the Run out has a lot of utility. I cut a section on the 2000 year run out of Christianity, and the 200 year run out from the french revolution.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Workin’ on fixing an institutions project management visibility and knowledge management. 1 day down 5 to go.

I’m thinking about a new approach to my book Land As Platform. Perhaps i’ll release medium form essays on the web domain ?

Dipping the Stacks

Watch Sparks’ Ron Mael Show Off His Hand Sanitizer Collection

GET LAMP: The Text Adventure Documentary – YouTube

Jared Leto has started a CULT on an island and his followers call him β€˜Prophet’

Pablo Escobar’s Hippos Are Filling Vacant Roles in Colombia’s Ecosystems


I’m Currently reading The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America’s Shining Women. It’s the story of young women who were highly skilled instrument and watch dial painters during the first world war. Long story short the paint they used contained radium – So it would glow in the dark. They licked their brushes to get them to a fine point between painting the dials. Very very bad things happened to them. and it took them a long time to get justice.

I’ve actually had to put it down a few times, not because its bad – quite the opposite. It’s brutale. The author Kate Moore writes very passionately and manages to bring the voices and personalities of these dead women alive. Along with this wonderful writing however, also comes the pain and suffering.


The only thing I’ve listened to this week is Half Waif’s new album Caretaker. It’s not an album you can have on in the background. It demands your attention and rightly so.

Halogen 2 is my favourite track off the album:

Remember Kids:

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