I’ve always kept time sheets. A behaviour/habit that I got into at work over a decade ago.

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I’ve had a really productive week! I finished the final cut of a long audio essay called THIS IS IT. I just have the final mix down and need to record about 15 words of drop ins, the Intro and the Outro thanks segments.

It is actually Part 1 that will be coming out on (hopefully) Tuesday. Part 2 is going to be called VISIONARY mode. I may make it an on going series, but not sure.

As of 1pm today I’ve spent 33.25 hours working on part one alone. And the show has come out at 53mins in its current state. Timesheet timesheet

It will definitely be more than that by the time it gets released. Both in terms of hours spent, and length of the show. Mixing it is going to take half a day i reckon. I’ve decided that the very last thing I’m going to record is the intro spiel. I want to include the amount of hours I spent on it. There are a few patreons I sub to who post information to their patrons on how long something took. One even breaks down the filming, editing, mixing etc. But then they don’t mention it in the final release – which I think is a shame.

I’ve always kept time sheets for my freelance work. A behaviour/habit that I got into at work over a decade ago. I’m not one of thoes people who bristle at timesheets like other people (maybe its because I’m an Ops / Project manager at heart). I actually see a lot of value in them.

I have however only recently started keeping personal log level information on all my own creative and personal projects. I’ve been keeping records since mid February. The whole thing has been a revelation to me. It has actually removed that small voice ‘you are not doing enough stuff’ that sits on my shoulder from time to time. I can now open up my timesheet in Notion and go: “Actually… Mr I spent 45 hours on personal projects in the last X weeks” which is a lot of time.

I was thinking of writing something a bit more in depth about how its changed the way I work on personal projects. But it really is just enough to say, that keeping a timesheet ads weight and momentum to a project.

I find that I very quickly take the first 6k words of writing in a document for granted when coming back to it a few weeks later. But now I know I’ve already spent X hours on it. And now I’m going back in for another hour or so, I feel like I’m connected to the bigger vision of the project. Rather than trying to wrestle with something that the stranger and perennially annoying colleague ‘Historical Jaymo’ has left for me to pick up again. Seeing the name of the project/document in my timesheet somehow reminds me of the excitement / vision I had when I started. Its more of a ‘lets add to this’ feeling rather than ‘I need to keep working on this’ .

I’m also interested in future in being able to gauge how long something will take to get to completion. I am hoping it will help me get more things over the line. That said, I dread to think how many hours I’ve put in to my meditation book over the years. I has got to be in 3 figure hours at this point.

Anyway. Looking forward to releasing Pt1 THIS IS IT.
Lots of important lessons learned already about approaching longer form audio/essays. For example in future I’m going to limit long form stuff to around 25mins when its just me talking.

Lockdown Week 7

This week was the first week that this whole experience got to me to be honest. A vast difference from my optimism of last week. Not much to say other than: “The only way out is though”

I did finally take off my lockdown beard this week however.
I had a brief moustache. Genetics are a hell of a thing huh?

I ended up taking it all off tho. 1. I rocked a full twiddly moustache for a few years around 2011, back when I still had a fixie bike (obviously). But the main reason I took it off was because when I put my glasses on, I looked too much like Ned Flanders.

Permanently Moved


Permanently Moved Podcast Cover Ep 2017


A bit about my new show. Also: May Queens and Maypoles.

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


Here’s the photo I mention in the show of my Aunty Carol (may she Rest In Peace) being crowed may queen on Kitty’s Green, Reading Street, Thanet. Some time in the 60’s.

This is the same village green that I played concerts on with my school orchestra as a kid, may pole danced, attended church services, sung carols on and attended a lot of summer fetes!.

My friend Dan, grew up just over that flint wall in the background of this photo. It’s a very different view today!

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Kicked off what looks to be a short piece of work with this week. Should be interesting and fun becuse it involves spreadsheets.

I was also idly perusing full-time jobs online this week.

If anyone in the UK is reading this and knows a recruiter that could place an internet weirdo like me I’d be interested to hear from them!

Dipping the Stacks

The Coronavirus and Our Future | The New Yorker

How to grow your personal email newsletter – JAY OWENS

Paris Has a Plan to Keep Cars Out After Lockdown – CityLab

There’s No Such Thing as Independent Music in the Age of Coronavirus – VICE


Haven’t finished the Jenny Odell Book etc. I’ve been taking it slowly as its just so good. Might be the first week so far this year that I haven’t finished a book!


This isn’t a new song at all, but I’ve just been introduced to Viagra Boys by Benedict from Rival Strategy This song in particular has been on heavy rotation, we keep quoting it at each other in the chat.
Embedding this live performance because its GREAT!

Remember Kids:

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