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It’s been really nice working outside. No internet. Blog header post 146

This week I’ve mainly been outside. Not outside the house obviously. Just because there’s no reported cases in London doesn’t mean Aunty Rona isn’t still around.

It’s been baking hot here, so this has been ‘The Office’ for the week.

It was so hot the other day my phone straight up overheated and died. I ( think) I’ve ruined the battery as it’s been acting strangely charing and suddenly just runs out of battery. I really like my pixel 3, but this is kinda disappointing. I traveled all round stonking hot Asia last year and it was fine.

My mac was also complaining with a heat error I’d never seen before. So I found myself working some sort of extreme Pomodoro Technique. Type for 10/15mins then put the laptop under the apple tree by the ferns for 10mins to cool off.

Yesterday was the first day that my laptop and phone didn’t complain about getting hot, so I managed to get a lot of writing done out in the cooler sunshine. I had some video calls with friends who were bored at work until my phone battery ran out. It’s all been very civilised. I can see why KSR writes outside in his garden everyday. In one interview I read, he explained that he pulls a tarp over some cord to keep the rain off.

Again, I’m really lucky to have a garden. It’s been really nice working outside. No internet. Since I reset my laptop I’ve managed to spend an average of 12m a day on twitter down from a peak of 2h35m at the beginning of lockdown.

Death Trap Dungeon

I’ve been playing the new adaption of Ian Livingstons, FF Choose Your Own Adventure book Deathtrap Dungeon. Eddie Marsan as the narrator is perfect. It really feels like he’s just sitting in a chair DM’ing the game for you personally. Eurogamer aren’t big fans but I really like it, and can’t wait to play some more, and see how the revivification of this genre evolves. A merger of Inkle Studios with this UX from Branching Narrative could be really powerful. Interactive fiction still seems like the future even in 2020.

Madi: Once Upon A Time In The Future

Duncan Jones has just put up a kickstarter for Madi, a graphic novel set in the Moon universe. I saw this image and insta backed it:

Apparently this 260 page book is a road trip story, which will take you all around the world of the future.

Lockdown Week 10

The rose that I didn’t cut back in the winter have gone bananas this year!

Permanently Moved

Ascension Day 1932


A simple ceremony at the top of my Grandad’s world in 1932

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


Obviously I’m going to say listen to this episode. It’s about my grandad.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Knocked out a bunch of writing this week. Still more to do. But, the notion project management I’ve been running now for 2 weeks now seems to be working out well for me in terms of ‘where to put energy and focus’.

I also updated the Essays page here on the blog. To include links to two of my talks transcibed by
The first is my talk Solarpunk A Grand Dress Rehearsal,
The second ‘Deep Sensing’ from P2P Web Berlin.

Open Transcripts / top left brick are great people. You should support them on Patreon

Long Form Writing cover2

Dipping the Stacks

Automattic pumps $4.6M into New Vector to help grow Matrix, an open, decentralized comms ecosystem | TechCrunch

Coronavirus and cities: What urbanists don’t get about COVID-19 – Curbed

Your Body Tells the Truth | Somatic Psychotherapy Today

Meander Maps for Imaginary Rivers


I read ‘Mark of Faith’ by Rachel Harrison this week. Good 40k adventure. I started reading it on the strength of Honour Bound the other week.

I’m reading Bren Smiths biography that I mentioned last week. I’m about 1/4 of the way though and have decided that it needs a proper review. Amazing book.


My Queen has revisited /released a previously unreleased short version of the 1986 track Portait.

This has been the music news.

Remember Kids

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