Last week I said the weeks were flying by. They still are.

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Last week I said the weeks were flying by. They still are.

Honestly, it seems like only yesterday I back home on the chalk. But it was infact two weeks ago.

The weather here is hot hot hot. I spent most of yesterday trying not to melt. Tho sitting out in the garden probably didn’t help. That was followed by extremely tolerable beers in the park last night with a few folks I haven’t seen since before Lockdown. It was really nice to catch up. This is on top of sweltering park beers on Wednesday where my friend who is suffering from long-covid made her first appearance at a social engagement since March.

I can’t say I am one of those people who are contributing to any kind of economic recovery. We actually are eating less takeways since lockdown began and obviously haven’t been out to dinner at all. Eat out to help out? Dishi Rishi can get fucked. We were all tricked by the post ’08 crash restaurant recovery spending crazy money on burgers and stuff that didn’t deserve the price tag. Even it they were tasty. It seems the general consensus amongst my friends who are all 30 somethings is that going to the pub is basically over. Despite it being one of constant social pleasures in my life from about the age of 16 (thanks L-Bay in Kent for all that underage drinking).

A pint in my local is 5.25. 4 cans of beer are 6 quid.

4 pints in a plastic milk carton takeaway from my local is 9 quid. very reasonable.

Everyone I’ve seen in the park for beers over the last few weeks more or less agrees that it’s way more pleasant. Plus way less dickheads. When winter roles round of course we’ll probably all be locked down again so it won’t matter. If we aren’t, then I’m sure it will be dinner parties.

Now, if a “zero menu” food place opens near me that sells just two dishes and a side, is tasty, and is owned by its workers and gets its food from a local farm – Then I’ll be in there a couple of times a week. For sure.

Permanently Moved

Episode 100 (Sprint Review)


“I have made my own self doubt an acquaintance. I guess we are working on becoming friends”. Also an Announcement

You can now support the show at

Permanently moved is a personal podcast 301 seconds in length, written and recorded in one hour by @thejaymo


Note! As of Episode 101 the podcast will be posted as its own post on a Friday evening UK time. Rather than in this weeknotes post on a Saturday.

Update From The Island

Almost didn’t get any photos this week as I couldn’t find my micro sd to sd card adapter. In the process I found a different one I didn’t know I owned. Cest la vie.

Eve and I enjoyed the fireworks together on Sunday.

After she left and was reading her book I wandered around and took some more photos. Our island flag in the sky above the museum delighting me in this one!

Check out this snap of Eve hanging out with Pinky when a balloon floated by. A great snap!

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

I rebuilt the podcast page on the site. I also built and connected up the support page. I was also on something like my fifth attempt over the last few weeks to fix a javascript bug that prevented the mobile menu working which was killing further circulation on the site. Down 50% ! Its been broken for about 3 months and has killed my view count considerably. The rush when I fixed it was palpable!

I finished my commission piece but I’m not sending it over to the team until I’ve signed the contract.

I have notes for an essay I’m going to post here that spins out of some of the work I’ve been doing with individual creators.

I have my next commission to start about Solarpunk for an Italian anthology.

Might have some news about a fiction piece I’ve written soon. watch this space.

Dipping the Stacks

(PDF) London Rooftop Agriculture : A Preliminary Estimate of London’s Productive Potential | Oscar Rodriguez –

TikTok and the Law: A Primer (In Case You Need to Explain Things to Your Teenager) – Lawfare

Agile Cycle Infrastructure Planning Β· Podaris: Blog

We Need to Treat Artists as Workers, Not Decorations | Literary Hub


Erm what have I read recently. Checking though my recent posts books i’ve read and not posted yet are:

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art

This book is absolutely fantastic. I had it on pre-order but everyone seems to be aware of it the week it came out. Cannot stress how good this books it. SHUT YOUR MOUTH

The Pain Relief Secret: How to Retrain Your Nervous System, Heal Your Body, and Overcome Chronic Pain

This was an interesting introduction to somatic release therapy. I’ve started reading another but i’m also thinking I might pay for the authors online course.

I’m currently reading An Actor Prepares by Konstantin Stanislavski. I’m only 3 chapters in but i’m already excited to read more.

Also listening to Every Tool’s a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It
by Adam Savage. I picked it up on a whim as an audiobook and i’m really enjoying it so far.

I also received these wonderful books that I ordered from the Orthodox Monastery of All Celtic Saints. The artwork and contents are lovely. Happy to have them in my life.

I’ve written about Fr Seraphim before, including mentioning his podcast.


I’m just sharing this for the video to be honest. Its quite something.

Remember Kids:

Jonathan Meades and his White Heat Bennomiter

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