Millions of Amygdalas

There must be millions of amygdalas burnt out around the world. What a week for people addicted to infotainment and social media this must have been?

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There must be millions of amygdalas burnt out around the world. What a week for people addicted to infotainment and social media this must have been? To do it to yourself is an egregious self injury. Just check in once a day. It’s not like theres any sort of quantum observer effect going on.

I must admit though. I had a bit of a wobble on Thursday. I said to a friend that “everything’s come crashing into me like a great wave”. They asked me what I meant, and I said “I think its just adjusting to the horrible psychic atmosphere”. Having reduced my social media intake so much, falling off the wagon and binging so hard the day after the election was quite an experience. I … I hadn’t realised just how bad it was out there.

I really don’t appreciate the way social media allows people to off load their despair on to strangers. Forums and quite backchannels with mods, and decorum and rules FTW.

I do hope everyone is doing ok out there. I say *out* there – if you are reading this in the UK, you are *in*.

One of my concerns is how the media on both sides in the US is going to reconstitute itself post trump. All the things that American apparatus has been doing has been blamed on Trump. The last 4 years of attention capture by MSNBC and Fox has been built around him and him only. Who are they going to turn on/blame as America enters a period of mass unemployment, economic depression, etc?

Before lockdown started I went north of the river (unusual even in non pandemic times) a went to Bushy Park with my mate Ben.

It was very nice! We had a good time.

COME INTERNET WITH ME – Sjef van Gaalen Searches β€˜Landscape As Mind Palace’

This week the design researcher and ZoΓΆp Project co-conspirator, Sjef van Gaalen joins me to browse the Internet for an hour.

We begin by searching β€˜Landscape As Mind Palace’. learn about the Great Lakes Trail Marker Trees, the history of Mind Palaces, Giordano Bruno’s Memory System, Constellations storying stories, Aboriginal Australians Songlines and discus the landscape geographer Kenneth Olwig’s concept of β€˜Landshipβ€˜

Permanently Moved


How NanoWriMo helped me come to terms with my dyslexia and to put one word after another.

Update From The Island

It was Halloween last week (if you can remember that far back given the ongoing time warp)

Me and Eve hung out swapping the lead between on an other as we went around trick or treating.

Eve’s Costume

My Wizard Threads

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

Dipping the Stacks

Collections: Iron, How Did They Make It, Addendum: Crucible Steel and Cast Iron – A Collection of Unmitigated Pedantry

Talking In Rounds In Meetings β€” Common Knowledge

Following Instructions Complicates Everything – Items

BBC – Earth – Plants can see, hear and smell – and respond


I’m reading a whole bunch of things concurrently. Heres the list, it includes books I haven’t touched in weeks:

  • Emissary’s Guide to Worlding – Ian Cheng
  • Disfigured: On Fairy Tales, Disability, and Making Space – Amanda Leduc
  • An Actor Prepares – Konstantin Stanislavski
  • Playing at the World: A History of Simulating Wars, People and Fantastic – Jon Peterson
  • Move Without Pain – Martha Peterson
  • Lucifer: Princeps – Peter Grey (Re reading)
  • Collected Works – Pseudo-Dionysius
  • The Dark Night of the Soul, and Ascent of Mount Carmel – St John Of The Cross
  • The Interior Castle Book – St Teresa of Ávila
  • Wonders of Spiritual Unfoldment Book – John Butler
  • Mudlarking: Lost and Found on the River Thames – Lara Maiklem

And just arrived is Joe Tankersley’s (whom I met on zoom last week) Reimagining Our Tomorrows:

Also on its way from E-bay is Finite and Infinite Games Book by James P. Carse.

I think thats it. Oh I’m also perusing the Warhmmer 40k 9th edition rulebook too I suppose.


Hmmm I’ve been listening to this album this week:

- ο½₯- ο½₯--ο½₯ ο½₯ ο½₯ο½₯ο½₯ by ο½₯ ο½₯-ο½₯ ο½₯- ο½₯ο½₯ο½₯ ο½₯ -ο½₯ο½₯

It came out this year on Erased tapes. I belive its a sampler for their 2020 releases. You can do a bit of digging into each track by converting the morse code into text.

Ben Lukas Boysen track preview on the morse code album is wonderful.

I’m going to probably do a lot of digging in to erased tapes the label, is for some reason it seems to have passed me buy as label.

Remember Kids


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