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Come Internet With Me is a web show with a gentle premise:
Browsing the web together.

Author, Blogger and Podcast host Meta-Nomad joins me to for an hour of Internet.

We search ‘Ventriloquist Dummy’. Discuss Descartes’ robot daughter, learn about Multi-sensory integration and visual capture, enjoy several instructables on how to build a Ventriloquist Dummy, and look up the difference between Marionettes, Puppets, and Ventriloquists Dummies.

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2 responses to “META-NOMAD Searches ‘Ventriloquist Dummy’ | Come Internet With Me”

  1. […] last week’s episode of Come Internet With Me I was joined by the Host of obscure theory podcast Hermitix. James, or rather Meta Nomad and I […]

  2. […] After watching James on the Stoa during the week, I bought his essay collection ‘Exiting Modernity’. Essentially collecting posts and essays from his blog I’m about 60 pages in. Its been fun revisiting pieces I read online many years ago. Also If you haven’t seen it, James went interneting with me in Season 1. […]

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