Cold, Wet and Miserable

It’s cold, wet and miserable here in south London. But I did get a raincoat for my bike off ebay.


4 minutes

In Jan 2017 I watched Trumps inauguration with Vickers and Huw Lemmey and I remember Huw saying something like “Of course fascism came to America waring a red baseball cap”. Thats pretty much all I remember about it apart from the ‘America first’ line I suppose.

4 years later the only things I’m going to remember about the Biden inauguration are probably going to be the Bernie meme and the vibe of Amanda Gorman’s poem.

The Bernie meme pissing off all the libs is really funny. It exposes the 100million dollar choreographed artifice of the inauguration for the stage managed piece of nation building it is. Normcore grandad in mittens made from old jumpers and plastic bottles in a disposable mask is far more representative of the national mood. Yet again, Bernie would have won. Anyways, it’s really fascinating to watch play out.

Here’s my favourite version:

I don’t have all that much to add this week to be honest. It’s cold, wet and miserable here in south London.
I got a raincoat off ebay for my bike which got fixed up with one of those government bike vouchers recently. Can’t wait to get back out for some ‘wheel fun’.

Permanently Moved

Thinking Out Loud

Maybe ideas don’t come fully formed, instead they are a sequence of ideas that pour out of you one after another in a cascading instant.

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

I got a bunch of shit done.

Did my first interview for a new project – I spoke with the good Farmer Vs Fox.

I pushed a report I’m writing and on a deadline for forward by several thousand words.

Reviewed final copy for a print piece I have coming out

Noodled on onther shit.

Had one ‘good(?) new idea’

Dipping the Stacks

GameStop Record Surge Gives Win to Reddit Army in Citron Clash – Bloomberg
Happy birthday, Guy Fieri – Garbage Day

Read these one after another!
“There’s something almost reassuring about the pretense-less acceptance that corporate social media platforms and the stock market run on the same basic machinery and if you can create enough hype around something, through memes, conspiracy theories, and harassment campaigns, you can manifest it into reality via capital.” Trump’s “beautiful” Oval Office phones and what was changed on them

In Quarantine, Kids Pick Up Parents’ Mother Tongues – The New York Times

Even This Is Too Good to be True: Review of The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson – Ancillary Review of Books

Sims, sexuality, and the promiscuity of female β€˜woohoo’ | TechRadar


I finished listening to Agrippina: Empress, Exile, Hustler, Whore by Emma Southon I was initially taken a back by the tone of the book.

 I can only assume that he did this in an attempt to get himself in the history books, which was very successful as here I am in 2017 in my office thinking about him because he killed a puppy 1,979 years ago.

But once I realised the *kind* of pop history book I was engaging with I enjoyed it immensely. Agrippina is complicated by the feminist reading and fleshes out a familiar story / part of history with a new view point. I enjoyed it immensely. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with the Fucine Lake lake draining debacle such a crazy project to teenage me so hearing it via the story of Agrippina was really good.

Music Spotify Playlist 

Flux Pavilion – .Wav

My ‘little’ cousin has a new album out. It would be remiss of me not to mention it. So a proud family member writing the below.

He’s called it .Wav, as he’s used a lot more live instruments on the album including his ever growing Eurorack gear, and guitar etc. The title is .wav because he feels like he’s moved beyond his .mp3 ‘dubstep era’ in to higher fidelity wav. It’s great to see him moving beyond the genre he’s felt he’s been typecast in.

My fav track is probably Survive.

A lot of great tracks on the album. Including the experimental ‘Partial Fugue in B Minor’ which is really good.

This interview/breakdown of the track is really good. My favourite bit is when he starts going on about making a soundtrack to his favourite board-game ‘I want to make an ambient vampire album’ 🀣. Also, the fact the tracks in the file are all unlabelled gives me heart palpitations.

Remember Kids

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