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I didn’t get this weeknotes out on Saturday so catching up today


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I didn’t get this weeknotes out on Saturday so catching up today. Last week I said I wasn’t going to post anything until the work I needed to do got done. I got my podcast out last week then continued to wrestle with my month long creative block all weekend.

In the end I submitted the advanced draft of 4.5k words on Sunday night in a very rough state. Feeling very guilty about how late the submission was.

On the downside, the version I submitted was version #4. To get there I ended up throwing away over 7.5k words of false starts and unnecessary tangents. I’m glad it’s over. I’m going to return to it in a few days and start working on the edit. I am mindful that writing 12k words to get though writers block isn’t sustainable mentally thats for sure!

I was very optimistic that my media diet was going to work last week, perhaps a little too optimistic tbh. The media diet is working *I think* but then again, spending less time on the socials/Internet is never a bad thing. Its quite nice to have no idea what the weather is doing. Every moment you stay off the Internet compounds and frees up space in your brain.

In other news: Here’s the Thames looking lovely in the snow last week.

If you have been following this blog for a while, you’ll know this bend In the Thames Path is a familiar view.

Whilst I was walking along, someone had written the following in the snow in the benches:

“Have courage and be kind”

“Yesterday is done, today will be better”

When I walked back along the river the words had already been covered by more snow. I really appreciated reading the, tho. I’m glad someone took the time to pass them on.

Permanently Moved

A Dormant Brand Powered Down

Zoom cat filter lawyer passes torch to upside-down congressman and corporate twitter accounts are like Gundams?

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Said yes to a few speaking things – more soon.
  • Tentatively engaged with a new project.
  • Setting the ground work for a self directed project
  • Finished the advanced draft of an essay

Dipping the Stacks

The World’s Revolution: A Climate Crisis Anthology by The World’s Revolution β€” Kickstarter

“Space Sweepers” and the Strange Gender Politics of S. Korea – Popdust

Remove the dam, restore the river – Fish Habitat Section of the American Fisheries Society

Attention (old) millennial book nerds: Redwall is coming to Netflix. β€Ή Literary Hub


I didn’t read that much last week as I was basically sitting in front of a google doc. But it did start reading Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse.

It’s strange finally reading a book you’ve known about for years and years (and have been influenced by). One of these situations:

This video btw is one of the most entertaining and enlightening discussions on the internet. I probably watch it once a year or so.

The content/stye of Finite and Infinite Games is very different from what I was expecting. 100 ‘chapters(?)’. Building an argument as separate discrete paragraphs. Very readable, like a religious commentary.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist 

POND – live by Lutto Lento

Totally obsessed with this track this week. Listened to it loads.

I love the way it builds, morphs and unfolds. It came on via my recommended last.fm radio as I was out for a walk. Its simplicity caused me to *see* the track as if it was tracked in Renoise. Rows of spreadsheet flying up the screen triggering the drum samples.

Remember Kids

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