Rage Blocked

I rage blocked Twitter on my phone + laptop last Saturday morning

5 minutes

I said I was going on a word diet at the beginning of Feb, it went ok. But I wasn’t really following though with the vision of the exercise at all.

In the end I rage blocked Twitter on my phone + laptop with blocksite app last Saturday morning. I haven’t looked back. Alex A said it takes about a week, then you to start to feel like your headspace is coming back. After a couple of weeks incomprehension at ‘what is going on’ begins. After that a short depression that you wasted so much of your life on there. lol

I certainly feeling like my headspace is returning. Even picked up a book whilst I was still in bed this morning. JDO has some good thoughts about social media yesterday, anyways, enough about fucking Twitter.

Given the hard break I’m trying to make; I’ve done a bit of software retooling this week. I made the move from Chrome over to Brave Browser on my Mac and Phone. If i’m going to get paid for browsing the web I might as well taken them up on the offer.

I had a lot of the UX issues the last time I used the browser as my daily driver, and they seem to have all been resolved. The crypto wallet integration has been useful for a project I’m working on professionally. I’ve yet to explore how it handles DeFi natively but apparently it has its own UX for that too. I think I’m going to just swap my BAT at the end of every month for POS network coins. Then again free BAT put in DeFi liquidity pools seems like a good idea, but my accountant hates me enough as it is already.

Lastly, if you are wondering I’ve had this blog enrolled as a BAT creator since Jan 1. So far I’ve been rewarded $1.60 (~4 BAT) from your attention. lol.

Further to yesterdays podcast (linked below) on the ‘Phones I’ve Known’ I was reminded of the Nokia N93.

Nokias futures team are always sighted as being good at predicting the future, and boy were they 10 years early with the N93. For me, this object encapsulates the next 15 years of cultural production that emerged after its release in July of 2006.

I saw one in a charity shop just before lockdown last year and regret not buying it now.

I just think that theres so much of a drive for slim phones as slabs of dark glass, I think the market has forgotten the fact that we went though 15 years of wild form factors, devices with specific uses. Imagine if a phone today was as thick as this. We could have full zoomable point and shoot cameras with wide angled lenses, with a full size QWERTY keyboard or something dedicated for video editing AND you could have decent sized touch screen.

I dunno. It’s baffling that we have arrived at a place in 2021 where every single phone looks like a chunk of dark glass.

Permanently Moved

The Phones I’ve Known

10 Short reviews of every mobile phone I’ve owned and used since 2000

The Ministry Of My Own Labour

  • Submitted the book chapter final draft (finally)
  • Spreadsheetin’ for a small org producing cashflow projections from easy CSV drop updating.
  • Booked a couple of interviews for a new self directed project codenamed (W/R)
  • DAO calls
  • NFT calls (Save me from the state of the discourse please FML)
  • Accepted a piece of commissioned writing I’m looking forward to diving into
  • Wrote a product stratagy report with a 48h turn around
  • 2/3 of the way though a different strategy doc for a team

Dipping the Stacks

The Liberal-to-Ultraleft Pipeline: Breaking the Cycle

When the consensus is against you. : FanFiction

A Culture of Our Own – Blood Knife

Game Maker Avery Alder on the Mechanics of Care – Mask Magazine


The Little Prince

The Little Prince is astonishing. I can’t belive I’ve never read it! What a huge world in such a little book. Many years ago, I lived with a literature grad. She went on and on about this book and now I can see why. WOW.

From Dreamer to Dreamfinder:
A Life and Lessons Learned in 40 Years Behind a Name Tag – Ron Schneider

Rob Morgan from Playlines recommended this book to me the other week.

It’s a fascinating look at the life and career of a Ron Schneider. The book covers his early fascination with Disney and theme park running, then achieving his life goals working in basically *all* of them. Schneider is an expert in dinner theatre, improv, live actors in theme parks and ‘creative worlds’.

The book is extremely readable. I especially enjoyed his hatred of middle/management throughout the book.

The appendices are worth the price of admission alone.

One thing I would mention tho is that I hate Disney, and am weary of people that love Disney. The cover of the book is extremely cursed.

Also, still reading Inside the Drama-House: Rama Stories and Shadow Puppets in South India. After getting though some of the preparatory chapters I’ve decided to read the whole book and absorb the version of Ramayana that the puppeteers of Kerala perform.


thejaymo.net Spotify Playlist 

edIT – Come To Grips

The only thing i’ve been listening to this week is the new edIT album over and over again. I’ve listened to it on different headphones, on my laptop, on my hi-fi etc. The only place I haven’t listened to it is in the car. I will post a full review as a separate post.

Only comment is that edIT is a virtuoso jazz dummer when programming drums.

Remember Kids

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